KDWB's Steve "Steve-O" LaTart battles comedians over heckling

This past Tuesday, the House of Comedy wrapped up its fifth annual Funniest Person With A Day Job contest, with some of the very best Twin Cities comedians competing for the $1,000 grand prize.

Ultimately, the title was awarded to Rana May, by what was said to be an incredibly narrow margin. While the contest once again showcased the best up-and-coming Minnesota comedy talent, the real story of the night didn't happen on stage; it happened at the judges' table.

According to folks in attendance, the situation played out like this:

[jump] During one of the finalist's sets, celebrity judge Steve "Steve-O" LaTart of KDWB fame shouted something toward the stage. Drunk hecklers are something that most comedians deal with at some point in their careers, of course, but the fact that the perpetrator was one of the event's judges made it even more disruptive.

One of the other judges, comedian Gus Lynch, took LaTart to task for the remark, comparing him to a leper, which received a standing ovation from the crowd.

According to the morning show host, things went a little differently:

"During an awkward pause I said, 'Bored out of my mind,'" LaTart shares via email. "[After Lynch's speech] I actually just held my drink in the air and started to say, 'Whatever...blah...' But I ended up stopping because I wasn't heard. After his speech, he got up and I tried to stop him, and he either didn't see me or didn't want to stop. At that point, I really didn't know what I would have said but about two minutes later one of the other judges (not Rick or Ian, who thought what I said was funny, per Ian) started saying how disrespectful I was. I made a comment and said that wasn't my intention, but that it's also a comedy club and I didn't think I was out of line. A few people made digs at me that I brushed off, and I never formally apologized to anyone else. If the comedian who was onstage feels he needs an apology, then I will, but to the three or four random people walking up to telling me I suck, to fuck off, and that I'm worthless, I thought it was okay that I didn't apologize [to them]."

While the rest of the evening's activities went as planned, the real shit show began later that evening when some comedians and fans chose to unleash some epic venom over Twitter. Some of our favorites included:

-- Brady Eyestone (@BradyEyestone) June 11, 2014

Admittedly, this writer himself got in on the action:

But this was by far the most scathing of the night:

"I left right after the show was over because, as uncool as it sounds, because I told my wife I would be home at 9:30 but the show was running late so I got home and 10 and boom - anger," LaTart says of his post-show online flaming. "Did I love it? Yes, because it's not over something actually serious, and my favorite [part] is some of the people who are comedy snobs were also offended."
LaTart refused to back down to his detractors, playing up his new-found role as Minnesota comedy's number one villain throughout the night and into yesterday.

Is this a case of a drunken heckler getting served by the internet? Was it a well-planned publicity move to get more listeners for the Dave Ryan Show? Or do people just really like talking shit on Twitter? All we know is that it made for a hell of an entertaining read.