Katie Parr's 'Echo and Silence' opens

Katie Parr, <i>Untitled II</i>

Katie Parr, Untitled II

We all have moments where we feel alone, but not everyone is motivated to portray that feeling of lonliness in an artistic way. Local photographer Katie Parr does, however, not only with lonliness but with all emotional states.

Parr shares the following on her website: "While in my apartment, I watch patterns of sunlight cross the floor as time passes, sitting for what seems like hours waiting for the moment when I feel a particular connection to the space. And then I wait until I feel that same feeling again. It is quiet and I am alone."


"Echo and Silence" is Parr's most recent series of photos featuring images of empty rooms, stark windows, and cool colors. Though there is a clean, crisp quality to the pictures, they nonetheless show stillness and silence.

Parr's photography exhibition, an Altered Esthetics solo exhibition, will be on display at Bicycle Theory in Minneapolis. On Thursday, September 1 from 6 to 9 p.m. there will be an opening reception. "Echo and Silence" will be on display through October 24.