Kailen Rosenberg wants to set you up with a multi-millionaire

Kailen Rosenberg: Elite matchmaker.

Kailen Rosenberg: Elite matchmaker.

Kailen Rosenberg wants to set you up with a multi-millionaire for charity at matchmaking events tonight and tomorrow.

Rosenberg's love-connection company, Love and Life Architects, is hosting an open house at its Wayzata office for women tonight and men Thursday. She'll be screening daters on behalf of her "elite" (read: rich) clients, and potential matches will be passed along to them. Ladies attending tonight's event must be between the age of 28-35, while men 30-60 are welcome tomorrow.

Admission costs $20, which Rosenberg says will be dedicated to St. Joseph's Home for Children. 


Rosenberg says she can't release the names her clients, who wish to remain anonymous. However, she did tell us a little about them. Not surprisingly, they sound incredible -- almost too good to be true.

Rosenberg described one of her clients, the oldest, as an early-60s Miami retiree whose parents were Holocaust survivors. "This woman is gorgeous," she states, and doesn't look like she's left her mid-40s.

"She has never had plastic surgery," Rosenberg says. "She's got great genetics and a healthy lifestyle."

Of course, this customer, who Rosenberg likens to a "female Donald Trump," wants her potential love interest to have some money so that he won't feel like "less of a man" around such wealth.

Her youngest client, 28, is a law student described as "kind of a baseball cap and a ponytail girl." She comes from a "well-known, respected family" and "doesn't need to wear makeup."

They're bookended by "a woman from southern Minnesota who was once a famous singer" and a "famous doctor" from the Mayo clinic who's in her early-40s.

The men, on the other hand, are men of mystery and adventure. Did you expect anything less?

"Two of them are ridiculously successful hedge-fund guys from Wall Street," Rosenberg says. Another is looking for an "intelligent, nerdy-quirky, kind of cute girl next door who would love to play board games and be in love."

The last is another gentleman doctor, not from Mayo, in his 50s.

So if you're a fan of mystery and blind dates, head on out to Wayzata tonight or tomorrow. The events will be held at 810 East Lake Street from 5 to 7 p.m. You can read more about it here or take their survey here.

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