Justin Colucci's Trashcan blog is hilarious, controversial, lawsuit-worthy


Justin Colucci is probably going to get sued pretty soon. And he thinks it’s hilarious.

“Oh man, if I got sued that would be so great,” he says without the slightest bit of hesitation. “The thing is, there’s no way I’d lose.”

Colucci, a 29-year-old Minnesota comedian, is one of the funniest, most controversial bloggers in our state today. That’s because for the past year, he’s been writing soul-baring confessions on hot-button topics like Jared from Subway having sex with kids, Hulk Hogan using the n-word, and Harry Shearer’s decision to leave The Simpsons. The only thing is that he’s posing as the disgraced celebs themselves, and the celebs (or at least their legal teams) have started to take notice.

While his blog, J-Cool’s Trashcan, has been around for a year and a half, he got his start by skewing members of the local comedy community.

“I used to post Craigslist ads posing as other comedians just for the fuck of it, but they’d get taken down after a day or so, which is why I started the blog,” he says.

Colucci’s writing would soon move away from practical jokes on his friends and start taking on much larger personalities, including Simpsons star Harry Shearer, who turned out to not be a fan of J-Cool’s Trashcan. News broke this past May that Shearer intended to leave The Simpsons after 26 seasons on the air. With national attention (and more importantly, the internet’s attention) firmly planted on the story, Colucci knew who would be his latest target.


The blog entry, titled “Ex-Simpsons Voice Actor Speaks Out,” was posted to Colucci’s blog and attributed to the actor. However, anyone with common sense would have clearly picked up on the tongue-in-cheek nature after reading further, as the entire thing was a bizarre, hilariously fictionalized diatribe about what a shit-show creator Matt Groening was. The post quickly went viral, with people far outside of Colucci’s social media friend-base re-posting the article. The real Harry Shearer’s lawyers, however, weren’t laughing.

“They reached out to Tumblr with this legal notice that I was misrepresenting him [Shearer], and that it violated their terms,” he recalls. “Tumblr sent me the letter and told me I didn’t have to take it down, but that I needed to clarify that I wasn’t him.”

Soon after, the blog caught fire, with first-person articles/confessionals smashing disgraced D-listers, fringe celebrities, and even Batman. Some recent hits:

On top of his rise in comedy writing, Colucci is still active in the local standup comedy scene, although he is… less than enchanted with standup.

“I would love to quit standup,” he says. “Doing standup comedy is like a janitor waiting for a promotion.”

Still, his writing continues to be as controversial and biting as ever, with recent posts zeroing in on Quentin Tarantino’s foot fetish, Weird Al’s hatred of food, and Anonymous talking about how the Ashley Madison hack has gone way too far.

While it’s yet to be seen whether his take-no-prisoners writing style yields an incredible writing career or a boatload of lawsuits, there’s no denying that Colucci’s Trashcan is one of the funniest things happening online in the Twin Cities today.