Justin Bieber's Favorite Comedian Chris D'Elia Talks Standup, Acting, Fashion

There are lots of comedians who have famous fans. But Chris D'Elia might have the most famous of them all. 

This past summer, the boy prince of pop music himself, Justin Bieber, tweeted "@chrisdelia u are hilarious," giving the comedian immediate mainstream exposure with non-comedy fans. The real rub, however, was in December when Bieber personally requested to be roasted onstage at the Laugh Factory in L.A. following D'Elia's performance, which he graciously obliged. 

You may recognize D'Elia from his acting work on NBC's Whitney, or this summer's breakout hit Undateable. However, he insists that his first love is being onstage.

"I'm a comedian first," he says over the phone while preparing for his upcoming headlining tour. "Acting is fun, but standup is what I love to do more than anything."

This week, D'Elia will perform in Minnesota for the very first time when his Under No Influence tour rolls into Pantages Theatre. "I'm really excited," he says. "I have no idea what to expect, because it seems like everywhere I go the crowd is always a little different. This is my first time in Minnesota, so it'll be fun to see how people react to the new stuff."

This past December, he debuted his first special, White Male Black Comic, on Comedy Central, and then spent his summer as part of the insanely stacked Oddball Comedy Tour. While this might be his first time visiting town, D'Elia says he's planning to give fans something new.

"This show is going to be all new material," he says. "If people want to hear stuff from my special, they can go on YouTube. I'm always working on new stuff. I'm at the point now that I'm almost bored of this stuff that I'm going to record for a new special in December. Okay, not bored, but I just always like keeping things new and different."

Much like his uber-famous fan, D'Elia has begun to establish his own pop star-like fan base, which has become increasingly evident during his latest round of touring.

"Every show it seems like people are making their own shirts and signs, so that's pretty wild," he says. 

Aside from becoming one of the hottest comedians onstage today, D'Elia has also become one of the funniest people to follow on social media, thanks to his ongoing crusade to catalog things that he calls #100percentfuckno.

"I've seen a lot of things lately that qualify," he says. "A lot of fashion. I saw a guy the other day who had this purple wrap thing on. That was definitely one. A lot of hats, shoes; there's a lot of things that could work."

-- Chris D'Elia (@chrisdelia) August 29, 2014

Get your wardrobe game on point before Saturday. You've been warned.


Chris D'Elia
Pantages Theatre
Saturday, October 18, 8 p.m. 
18+, $32.50