Jungle Theater's "Virginia Woolf": five more performances of a harrowing ride

A portrait of domestic bliss: "Virgina Woolf"
A portrait of domestic bliss: "Virgina Woolf"

Edward Albee's dark, bitter portrayal of an academic couple and their younger counterparts on a long, boozy night of mutual destruction is rendered here with startling, unsettling power. In other words, this is a show that might well freak you out, with its intensity and rawness. 

The Jungle has a standing policy of offering a $10 discount on rush tickets purchased beginning 30 minutes before the show, but don't cut it too close--sales for closing weekend are reportedly good, although there are still seats available. 

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? plays through this Sunday. For tickets call 6112.822.7063 or click here

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