Julia Moss turns tarnished silver into colorful statement pieces


Many families pass fine silver down from generation to generation as a way of honoring and preserving their family history. However, sometimes folks inherit pieces that are damaged, don't get much use, or they don't have an emotional attachment to. 

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Enter the PowderColorized process, which takes silver pots, serving dishes, candlesticks, and more and turns them into colorful statement pieces. “It’s the perfect re-gift in a way,” says Julia Moss, whose shop, Julia Moss Designs, employs the process.



Each silver piece volunteered for the process is first stripped of any polish, oils, dirt, and debris. Then it is hung up, and completely coated with colored powder. Finally, the piece is baked to a glossy shine. This finish is much stronger than a typical paint. It's also more even, as pools of paint aren’t able to collect in corners and crevices. A similar process is used to give cars, light fixtures, and other everyday items their durable colored finish.

If you are concerned about losing the monetary value of a piece, then this process is not for you. However, for those with silver pieces that have been found at estate sales, purchased online, or simply found to be tarnished beyond repair, the process is a way to reinvent them. “I like to say we breathe life into it but you give it a life,” says Moss.



Along with creating custom pieces from personal possessions, Moss offers PowderColorized silver collections with different types of components and price points. The myriad of items mix and match to fit the personality of each home. “People have strong opinions about color,” says Moss as she holds up a a bright orange teapot with a pearlescent sheen.

Recently, FDA food safe approved white and black finishes have been added to the lineup. “Personally, I think food looks better on white. It really pops,” says Moss.

In honor of the upcoming fall season, Julia Moss Designs will be holding a fall color wheel promotion in store later this month, and they can be found at the upcoming fall Junk Bonanza.