"Juicy Steak Moustache 2": Patrick Kemal Pryor enters partnership role at Kolman & Pryor with group show

Scavengers by Danny Saathoff
Scavengers by Danny Saathoff

Anita Sue Kolman Gallery

has become Kolman & Pryor Gallery. This change reflects the expanded collaboration between owner Anita Sue Kolman and Patrick Kemal Pryor. Although Pryor has been with the gallery since the beginning, he became a gallery partner with Kolman last summer. The name change comes just in time for the second annual "Juicy Steak Moustache" show.

"We wanted to have a big party because we always have parties for things," Kolman says.

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Kolman has no formal arts background, but she fell in love with visual art when she was in college, going to museums and volunteering as an arts educator with school kids. As a young adult, she worked as a professor of sociology, eventually joining a research consulting business. But she got bored. Her friend suggested that Kolman help her sell her art.  

Patrick Kemal Pryor changing the sign 
Patrick Kemal Pryor changing the sign 

Kolman became an art rep in 2001. While she had considered starting a gallery over the years, she never wanted the responsibility of having someone's artwork in a space. "It seemed scary," she recalls. "I didn't think I was ready." 

One day Pryor, who was one of her clients, asked her if she had ever thought about having a gallery. She said she had.  The Anita Sue Kolman Gallery opened in November 2010 during Art Attack weekend. Pryor helped her get started, doing the construction when they remodeled and curating shows.

"I thought it would be good for people to understand all that he does. So I asked him to become a partner, and he said yes," she says. 

In some ways, their roles are still similar to what they have gradually come to be. Pryor was already curating shows, but Kolman always had the deciding power about which artists to bring in. Now Pryor is fully in charge of selecting artists and all creative decision making, from branding to graphic design in marketing.  "He does anything that needs a good eye," Kolman says.

It's Raining Somewhere by Kate Casanova 
It's Raining Somewhere by Kate Casanova 

Now the two have a 50/50 partnership where they'll each have their own responsibilities. "For me, it was letting go of things that I had done before," Kolman says. 

Pryor says he often gets "the blame and the responsibility" of Kolman's decision to start a gallery. "There's a certain playfulness to our relationship," he says. "It's a great partnership because we're so different from each other in terms of our age and upbringing and background. It makes for interesting conversations." 

Pryor says he feels like he's grown into the role of partner. 

This is the second time the gallery has put on "Juicy Steak Moustache." "It's our time to have a lot of fun," Pryor says. "We bring in some new artists, and allow artists we work with to have fun."  

Kate Casanova, who is presenting at grad school in a month and is super busy, created a couple of poetic phrases in sculptural form. Pryor explains that her two works are like visual haikus. An umbrella, dirt, and flowers become three phrases of a poem.  
Oh, the Gravity of It All! by Kate Casanova
Oh, the Gravity of It All! by Kate Casanova

Much of the work in the show is interactive. Karl Unnasch has created a shooting gallery with an elaborate rubber-band gun that shoots at leafless trees, and Danny Saathoff has designed a series of mechanical wall-mounted landscapes that require visitors to operate the flying seagulls and various moving objects. 

Another one of Saathoff's interactive pieces asks visitors to follow instructions on where to put their thumbprints, resulting in an image of a local landmark that will be revealed as more people help create it. 

In addition to the interactive works of art, there will also be various games that will be played out throughout the opening reception. 

Pryor himself has one work in the show, an abstract piece he painted during his travels to Mexico.  

The wxhibition's title is an attempt to conjure up visual imagery that captures the absurdity of the exhibit. But the art isn't totally absurd, mind you. "There's just a hint," Pryor says.  


"Juicy Steak Moustache II"
Featuring Dave Beck, Emily Bennett Beck, Betsy Ruth Byers, Kate Casanova, Kyle Fokken, Kelly Jean Ohl, Patrick Kemal Pryor, Jodi Reeb, Danny Saathoff, and Karl Unnasch.
The opening reception is from 7-10 p.m. Saturday, March 23
Through Saturday, May 11

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