Joseph Scrimshaw Back in Town for Dr. Who Convention, Standup Performance


Joseph Scrimshaw is back -- for the weekend, at least, as the popular comic and storyteller is scheduled to give a pair of performances. One will be at CONsole Room 2015, a Doctor Who convention, and the other will be at Comedy Corner Underground.

"I'm planning an almost entirely Doctor Who-themed standup set," he says about the CONsole room gig. "Some stories about my history of the show, and random encounters I've had with the actors who have played The Doctor, such as Tom Baker, Matt Smith, and Sylvester McCoy. I'll also be doing some audience interaction to generate a brand-new Doctor Who story in the moment."

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He won't be the only Scrimshaw at the event. His brother Joshua will tape a special edition of his Doctor Who-themed podcast, Get Off My World. (Here's a link to the current episode. Yes, that is your humble author sharing his opinions on Patrick Troughton's obscure adventure, The Macra Terror.)

The podcast focuses on the classic (1963-88) era of the show. As sixth Doctor Colin Baker is a guest at the convention, the podcast -- with brother Joseph in tow, along with regular podcasters Kelvin Hatle and Pat Harrigan -- will focus on his seasons. That means chats about favorite sixth Doctor stories, a comparison between Baker's performance and that of the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and a discussion of the episode "The Two Doctors." The Scrimshaws will also do an audio sketch. "It's the first Scrimshaw Brothers performance since New Year's Eve 2013," Joshua Scrimshaw says.

The Get Off My World folks will hopefully also get a short chat with Baker sometime during the convention. "I'll do my best not to hug him and cry," Joshua adds.


Along with Baker, the weekend convention in Bloomington includes guests Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones from Torchwood) and Ellie and Joseph Darcey-Alden (from "The Snowmen"). Baker will also offer commentary on one of his episodes, and there will be autographs and photographs throughout the weekend, not to mention panel discussions and a general gathering of the Whovian family.

"Many people are returning attendees from last year, and they have expressed their excitement that we have a Doctor at the convention this year," says convention chairperson Jason Tucker. "Overall, there is a lot of excitement at having a dedicated Doctor Who convention in the Twin Cities again. We have a lot of great conventions in the Twin Cities, and CONsole Room is for people who want to geek out about Doctor Who in a big way for the weekend."

Joseph Scrimshaw moved to Los Angeles last year, where he has been busy with work and "trying to avoid all the people who walk out in front of my car while I'm driving. The other day I got very upset when someone walked in front of my car, then I realized that person has played a villain in a James Bond movie and it all made sense."

Scrimshaw's second show this weekend, at Comedy Corner Underground, will be a bit different. While the comic has a long history of geek-centric material and storytelling, his time in L.A. has brought forth more traditional standup routines.

"The show at CCU will be playing with how all those approaches to standup merge, and trying to take a different perspective on a lot of the common standup topics: marriage, dating, kids, food. That said, there will probably be some stuff about Star Wars and cats, too," he says.


CONSole Room Friday through Sunday Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport 3800 American Boulevard E., Bloomington $35-$85 For tickets and more information, visit online.

Joseph Scrimshaw 8 p.m. Sunday Comedy Corner Underground 1501 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis $10 For tickets, visit online.