Joseph Gordon-Levitt signs on as a producer for The Sandman movie adaptation

Joseph Gordon-Levitt signs on as a producer for The Sandman movie adaptation
Joseph Gordon Levitt image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Christmas came early for fans of The Sandman this year... well, depending on whether or not you like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, that is.

It looks like the long-awaited film adaptation for Neil Gaiman's graphic-novel series is finally happening, and Gordon-Levitt announced that he has officially signed on as a producer for the big-screen adaptation (who are we kidding, there has to be more than one film in this series).

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Late on Monday night, Gordon-Levitt made the big reveal on Twitter.

With the prelude hashtag attached to the announcement, we can only assume the team will be starting off with the first volume in The Sandman, Preludes and Nocturnes, which begins with Dream's seven-decade-long imprisonment on Earth.

Gossip has been pouring out from different entertainment outlets for weeks (we first saw whispers about it here in mid-November) about Gordon-Levitt's role in the production, and whether he was in talks to direct, produce, or star in the film. He put those rumors to rest last night... for now, at least.

Gordon-Levitt is no stranger to successful, big-budget movies with his roles in The Dark Knight Rises, Looper, and Inception, which he's balanced out with thought-provoking and nuanced performances in films like Brick and his directorial debut Don Jon. He's also reportedly in talks about the potential Ant-Man film, based off of another classic comic.

Although Gordon-Levitt and the rest of the production team has remained mum about casting -- be it about himself or any of the iconic Sandman characters -- folks have been developing their own list of favorites for the Endless and others.

Series creator Gaiman has mentioned this year that he could see the almost-reptilian Benedict Cumberbatch or the Loki-embodying Tom Hiddleston put on Dream's robe for the silver screen.

Since the announcement, Gaiman spoken out about his current role in the film production on his Tumblr:

I don't get to allow or not allow Sandman adaptations. When I was 26, and I signed the Sandman contract, it was as work for hire. DC Comics (now DC Entertainment, part of Warner Bros) own all of Sandman, including movie and TV rights, and always has done.

Like you, I've seen the tweet from Joseph that says he's a producer on a SANDMAN movie. He's a fine actor and a smart director, and a really nice man. Like you, I'm interested in seeing what happens next.

(There have been producers, and writers, and directors before on Sandman movies & TV series during the last 18 years. So far no movies have been made, although we have escaped a few bad ones.)

Who do you want to see in The Sandman film cast?

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