Joe Rogan, big brain genius man, thinks St. Paul is Minneapolis

Joe Rogan played to a packed and diverse audience on Saturday. Just look: some of these white guys have glasses!

Joe Rogan played to a packed and diverse audience on Saturday. Just look: some of these white guys have glasses! Instagram

If you missed -- eh, that feels like the wrong word.

If you did not attend Joe Rogan's comedy set at the Xcel Energy Center, your Saturday night didn't include the brand of uninformed bullshit that's made Rogan the voice of a generation raised on Reddit memes about ex-girlfriends. 

On his podcast, Rogan elevates the likes of Alex Jones, Jordan Peterson, and Bari Weiss, one of few female guests on the show in the past year. Rogan's interests include weed, fighting, laughing at his jokes, and provocative thinking that holds up as long as no one asks any questions and is not also super high. 

This has turned out to be wildly popular, with listener/viewer counts in the millions. Numerous think pieces have been written about the Rogan phenomenon, most of which can be boiled down to: He lets people who aren't that smart think they're smart, and he makes angry white men laugh. 

We can't say how Rogan's set went Saturday night, as his Instagram posts from that night don't include any actual jokes, just the beginning and ending of his set. (The first video indicates a big crowd was there, meaning local audiences be more enthusiastic about Rogan's stream of conscious than Lil Wayne and Blink 182.) 

If Rogan's audience remembers one thing from his show, it is... who knows, probably something he said about Asian people. 

But what they should remember is that this Very Smart Man did not realize he was in downtown St. Paul, and instead shouted out to Minneapolis repeatedly. (Note the diversity seen in that second video below: Some of the white men wear hats, some of the white men have beards, several of the white men make hand gestures, at least one of the white men is wearing shorts.) 

There's a metaphor here, something about a guy people entrust with hours of their week for simplistic banter about complex topics and the occasional probing examination of something that doesn't even exist, and how he bookended his show by shouting out the wrong city while his audience cheers.

We're probably two or three vape hits from figuring it out.