Jimmy Kimmel protesters march down Nicollet Mall

People gathered on Nicollet Mall to protest Jimmy Kimmel.

People gathered on Nicollet Mall to protest Jimmy Kimmel.

More than 50 people gathered on Nicollet Mall last Saturday afternoon to protest late-night talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel and ABC for a skit about China that aired in October.

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Protesters united to demand action be taken regarding a sketch, titled "Kids' Table," from Kimmel's October 16 show where he held a round-table with children, asking them how the United States should solve the foreign-debt crisis. A young boy responded, "Kill everyone in China." Later in the segment, Kimmel revisited the topic and asked, "Should we allow the Chinese to live?" The children appeared divided, replying both "yes" and "no."

Kimmel recently got into hot water with Kanye West after spoofing West's BBC interview by replacing both the rapper and the interviewer with children.

Days after the segment aired, a petition for feedback from the White House began to collect signatures. After garnering more than the 100,000 signatures needed for an official response, the protest has found renewed fervor.

Protesters cried for peace while walking along Nicollet Mall.

Protesters cried for peace while walking along Nicollet Mall.

A month after the initial broadcast and amid national protests, a group of people in downtown Minneapolis voiced their opinions on Kimmel and ABC.

Protestors gathered at 8th Street and Nicollet Mall early in the afternoon, equipped with signs with messages like "Fire Kimmel for promoting genocide" and "ABC's killing joke hurts." The group marched up and down a short stretch of the mall, while members of the Minneapolis Police Department controlled traffic along the street.

Organizers handed out flyers with an open letter to the public detailing their grievances and demands for Kimmel and ABC.

Though the group joined in celebration of peace, the event did not pass without conflict. While protesters chanted peaceful slogans, a pedestrian stopped and began yelling at the group. "Kill them all!" he shouted. "Shoot them all!"

For a moment, both protestors and other pedestrians on Nicollet Mall fell silent. The group soon resumed their cry for peace while an officer told the man to cease. The man yelled, "Freedom of speech, it's a free country," before walking away from the group.

While the protestors were visibly taken aback by the commotion, they continued their rally with even more enthusiasm.

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Organizers from Saturday's protest on Nicollet Mall handed out this flyer to the public:

Jimmy Kimmel Minneapolis Protest Letter