Jim Jefferies: "These days I know more about diapers than drugs"

Jim Jefferies: "These days I know more about diapers than drugs"

Go to YouTube. Type in "comedian gets punched in head." You'll find Jim Jefferies.

Up until last year, the Australian-born comedian was most famous in the States for being the guy who was attacked onstage by an audience member. To his credit, Jefferies shook it off and came back out to finish his set. This year, however, Jefferies has become the star of his own sitcom on FX, Legit, worked the late-night talk-show circuit, and quickly become one of the hottest comedians in the game today.

This Saturday, Jefferies brings his unfiltered brand of comedy focused on sex, religion, and alcoholism to the State Theatre for one night only. Before he hits the stage, the actor/comedian spoke with City Pages about his television show, celebrity, and why his mom is probably going to be pissed at him in the not too distant future.

Congrats on Legit. You're working on season two currently, right?

Yeah. I've written 11 of 13 episodes, and we'll begin filming in six weeks. I'm really excited about it.

The first season of your show was based pretty heavily on your standup. Is it strange seeing your jokes translated to the screen?

The hardest thing for me is that all of those experiences came from my real life. So when we'd do something on the show and the network would say, "That would never happen in real life," I have to explain that it already did. Fortunately, FX has been great, and as long as I have a good explanation, they'll let me keep things in the show.

Now that you're into your second season, is the show still based on your real life?

No. Now it's all made-up shit. We know who the characters are and what they're like after doing one season of the show, so now we can make things up that fit their personalities.

As an actor/writer, do you ever live out fantasies or anything like that through the show?

I think it's just different. In real life, I've got a girlfriend and a baby. My character on the show can still do coke and get wasted. These days I know more about diapers than drugs.

On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! you said that you were hoping to write your mom into the show this season, and that you'd need to cast a morbidly obese woman. Is that happening in season two?

She's in two episodes! I'm guessing my mom is going to be upset when she sees how we portrayed her; it's not flattering. Still, I think it's nicer than I am in my standup. In standup, you feel less empathy for who you're talking about since you aren't looking at them.

You just came out with a new special in October, and you're already touring again. What's next for you?

I'm going to film a new special in February, and this fall I'm doing some Oddball Comedy Tour dates with Dave Chappelle. As for the show, the goal for season one was to get a season two. Now that I've got it, I'm hoping we can do four or five seasons.

Do crowds treat you any differently now that you're on television?

Not really. If you like my show, you'll probably like my standup. And if you like my standup, you'll like my television show. So come to my show.


Jim Jefferies
State Theatre
8 p.m. Saturday, August 24
More information here

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