Jim Denomie's 'Wizard of Oz' inspired art (and other shows worth your time)

Jim Denomie

Jim Denomie Photo: Rik Sferra

This week there are lots of opportunities to be part of the resistance while also experiencing art. Whether you’re using art to soothe your soul, seeing work that incites anger about current injustices, or helping social justice causes through your art purchases, you can be part of the solution via aesthetics.

Jim Denomie: Oz, the Emergence

Where it’s at: Bockley Gallery, 2123 W. 21st. St., Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Celebrated local Native artist Jim Denomie reveals his latest creation, a mural-sized painting that’s inspired by The Wizard of Oz. Titled Oz, the Emergence, Denomie details his own nightmarish vision of the 21st Century, using characters and scenes from the 1939 film as entry points.

Why you should go: Jim Denomie has a way of speaking immense truths, revealing injustices through both humor and dark commentary. You won’t want to miss his latest marvel.

When: 6-8 p.m. Friday.

MN Artists Presents: Marcus Young

Where it’s at: Walker Art Center, 725 Vineland Place, Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Multidisciplinary social practice artist Marcus Young holds court at the Walker Art Center for an evening of conversation, guided meditation, and protest singing as he explores how art becomes a resource for everyday life in the time of revolution.

Why you should go: You’ve been marching, protesting, sending letters to representatives, and ranting on Facebook -- but how is your soul? Young’s work addresses spiritual needs through art in a time of social upheaval.

When: 5-9 p.m. Thursday.


Where it’s at: Homewood Studios, 2400 Plymouth Ave. N., Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Find out more about sculptor James Brenner’s extensive Hydro-Illuminata project, which involved community workshops throughout the city exploring the intersection between art, science, and water. Held at spots like the Water Bar, the Walker Art Center, Homewood Studios, and City of Lakes Waldorf School, Brenner led artists young and old to create boats to float down the Mississippi River, all while providing education about the Mississippi River Watershed.

Why you should go: This exhibition will feature cool iron boats created by community members. Come see the documentation of the processr.

When: 4-8 p.m. Saturday.

(Jon Neuse)

Traffic Zone Spring Open Studios

Where it’s at:
Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art, 250 Third Ave. N., Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Artists from the Traffic Zone Gallery share what they’ve been working on, including drawing, installation, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. All the art is for sale, with 50- to 100-percent of the proceeds going to civil rights organizations, including the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, or the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Why you should go: Get some cool art by the likes of Jim Dryden, Jil Evans, Steve Ozone, Jodi Reeb, and Patrick Pryor while also pitching in to important causes. It’s win-win.

When: 5:30- 9:30 p.m. Saturday.