Jewelry Artist Mart at the Walker features unique creations

Jewelry Artist Mart at the Walker features unique creations
Leather necklace by Andrea Terhaar

This Saturday, the Walker Art Center hosts its biannual Jewelry Artist Mart, an event featuring 25 designers from across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Willa Wilson, sales manager and jewelry specialist at the Walker, carefully selects an array of designers to participate each year, from silversmiths, to watchmakers, to contemporary artists.

"It's neat that you're able to come to one spot on one particular day and see a spectrum of 25 unique artists and purchase their work," Wilson says.
"For the artists, it's great because we get to meet each other, and meet local people who come to get gifts early for the holiday or just to see what's going on at the Walker," says Andrea Renee Terhaar, a self-taught leather jewelry designer from Cold Spring, Minnesota who currently lives is Brussels. "There are so many different pieces and methods of creating jewelry represented here. It's great to meet the artist in person, and to be able to discuss their process."

Jewelry Artist Mart at the Walker features unique creations
Necklace by Tina Rice

Terhaar says that she likes the mechanical process that her leather designs require, and she enjoys experimenting with shapes and textures. The artist was inspired by leather jewelry that she purchased while on a trip in Italy. She began making pieces to give as gifts, and eventually started selling her jewelry on Etsy, at local art shows, and in Twin Cities boutiques.

"I feel really lucky. Things just kind of blossomed naturally," says Terhaar, who works full time as an English teacher. "I make things that I love; pieces with bold colors, textures, and shapes with strong lines."

Wilson says that each designer offers a unique perspective and one-of-a-kind pieces. She is excited to welcome both previous participants and new designers to the Walker.

Jewelry Artist Mart at the Walker features unique creations
Bracelet by Molly Spilane

"I don't know of many other events where you can see this level of quality and quantity at once," Wilson says. "You get to meet the artist, hear their story, and learn why they're doing what they're doing. That's pretty neat."

Terhaar shares Wilson's sentiment.

"I think that when you're wearing something, it's nice to have meaning behind it and a story," she says. "I think it turns whatever you're wearing into one of your favorite pieces, because you have a personal connection with it."


Jewelry Artist Mart
Saturday, November 5
11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Skyline Room, Walker Art Center

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