Jesse Ventura to play governor in new movie

Jesse Ventura is reprising his role as governor.

This time, instead of harassing media jackals at the Minnesota Capitol, Ventura will be playing a governor in The Drunk, an upcoming move also starring Tom Sizemore.

Ventura's return to the film world is reason to celebrate. Before his stint in politics, the once-pro-wrestler landed some pretty classic roles. Most notable were his performances in The Running Man, where Ventura played "Captain Freedom," a super-stalking murderer on a game show, and Predator, in which Ventura played a Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus.

In The Drunk, which is being filmed right now, Ventura plays "Littleton," the outgoing governor of Indiana.

As Littleton's term comes to an end, Joe Debs -- the fictional, boozy grandson of Hoosier union organizer Eugene V. Debs -- makes a run for his seat against corrupt prosecutor Bruce Frye (played by Sizemore).

Apparently Ventura's governing experience in Minnesota helped qualify him for the job. "The role was more or less written with me in mind," he tells Indiana's Tribune-Star.

The movie is set to come out next year, according to IMDB. Until then, we give you this classic line from Predator:

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