Jawaahir Dance Company presents the Dark Nightingale

The Twin Cities may be right smack in the northernmost state of the continental U.S., but that doesn't mean we can't experience the alluring dance and song of the Middle East. 

Thanks to the Minneapolis-based Jawaahir Dance Company the chance to see a live, captivating, theatrical dance performance set to an internationally-celebrated Arabic orchestra starts this week at the Ritz Theater with The Dark Nightingale.

​​Beginning Thursday, August 26, audiences can appreciate first-hand the intensity and beauty of Arabic dance; an experience Cassandra Shore, founder of Jawaahir, says you'd have to travel to Egypt or Lebanon to see otherwise.

The Dark Nightingale show at the Ritz revolves around the music of late Abdel Halim Hafez, one of the most revered singers in Egypt and the Arab world, and widely known as the Dark Nightingale. Hafez, the inspiration behind the show, was one of the most influential singers in Egypt during the '50s and '60s despite his short career. 

Jawaahir dancers and Spanish guest dancer Nesma al-Andalus will perform accompanied by the music of the Georges Lammam Ensemble. Al-Andalus, born in Spain, went on to become the only non-Egyptian dancer to join the National Egyptian Folkloric Reda Ballet. With all these factors combined, the evening will be a unique opportunity for anyone--not just Minnesotans--to witness. 

​If learning to dance in the Middle Eastern style is more appealing to you than watching, the Jawaahir Dance Company and the Cassandra School offer classes beginning in September, with special workshops led by Nesma during her guest performance stay. 

Tickets to The Dark Nightingale are $28 and available for online or by calling the Ritz Theater box office.

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