Jason Wu hoarder sues Target

We all know that Black Friday can result in some intense shopping situations. Apparently, things can also get rough when you head to a store and attempt to purchase every single item of a highly coveted clothing collection for sale.

When Kevin Wills and his now ex-wife managed to grab and purchase almost every Jason Wu item in a Miami Target the day the designs were released, other shoppers hoping to check out the new duds apparently did not react well, resorting to name-calling and shopping-cart intimidation. Wills is now suing the chain for emotional distress, negligence, and false imprisonment.

"One lady dug her nails into me and made me bleed. She slammed her cart into my leg," said Wills in an interview with our sister paper Miami New Times in February.

Of course, there's riveting video footage of the event on YouTube:

According to Wills, he wasn't hoarding the designs to hawk on eBay or for any other nefarious reason. He was planning to resell the items, totaling over $5,000, at an event where the proceeds would benefit a charity organization. (The party was canceled when the host venue heard about the controversy.)

This isn't the first time that Wills has purchased the bulk of a line in one visit; in 2011 he pulled a similar stunt with a highly coveted, limited release Missoni collection, also sold at Target.


As a result of the Jason Wu incident, Target has changed its policies, limiting the number of bargain designer items shoppers can purchase at once. Wills's lawyer charges that this change is proof that the previous no-limits stance was dangerous.

"Rather than securing our client's safety, among other things, Target acted in furtherance of our client's injuries," says Daniel Zampano, Wills' lawyer via Miami New Times.

Since the incident Wills, who plays at Miami clubs as DJ Midas, has been vilified on various websites, both local and national, earning a new moniker of "Fashion Vulture."

Target is declining to comment on the case.