Jared Zachary of Freedom From Doubt talks neckwear & design

If you have spotted fashionable Minnesotans out and about sporting fabulous bow ties, chances are local designer Jared Zachary made them. City Pages recently spoke with him about neckwear, a possible clothing collection, and more.

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Vision Model Wesley Merick in Freedom From Doubt
Photo by Jeffrey Bryce Bordenkecher

Jane Belfry: When did you start designing?

Jared Zachary: I started designing neckwear for what would become Freedom From Doubt early in 2009, right after I learned how to sew.

JB: What made you decide to focus on neckwear?

JZ: I began my focus on neckwear because I really wanted an oversized velvet bow tie. I didn't really know where to start looking, so instead of buying one I just decided to figure out how to make one. After making a few more I realized that such handmade pieces, with their unique personalities, seemed to be missing in the local market.

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Vision model Nic LaFrance in Freedom From Doubt
Photo by Jeffrey Bryce Bordenkecher

JB: Have you ever thought about designing a clothing line as well?

JZ: I definitely think that a clothing line might be a direction that I may challenge myself with in the future.

JB: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

JZ: I am inspired by the strong connection between Minneapolis street style and what would probably be considered "high fashion." They can come together in unique ways. I think that Minneapolis is such a unique city, and that has a direct effect on local fashion.

JB: Where are your ties currently being sold?

JZ: Currently, my bows are available at

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