Jane Belfry, local stylist extraordinaire, talks high fashion

Jane Belfry, local stylist extraordinaire, talks high fashion
Jane Belfry: young stylist extraordinaire

Jane Belfry was not even close to 21-years-old when she first visited Paris, not with her parents and not with school, but to work as a high-fashion stylist. It seems a story right out of a shiny Hollywood movie like the one they made about ("but not really about") Anna Wintour. Standing at a petite 5'5 with flowing blonde locks, the young Belfry, who runs her own web site and is currently revamping her online vintage store, recently walked into our world here at CP as the stylist for our Summer Style issue now in it's second year. Clearly far beyond her years and a delight to work with, we talked to Belfry (alias Jane Magnitude) about fashion and styling as a way to introduce her to The Dressing Room as she'll be contributing fashion content in the coming months. Here's what she had to tell us....

Belfry (left) and CP's own Emily Utne shooting for 'I Feel Love' promo
Belfry (left) and CP's own Emily Utne shooting for 'I Feel Love' promo

Dressing Room: What is your favorite thing about fashion in general?

Jane Belfry: The constant reinvention of old ideas.

How did you first get into this business?

I started out modeling when I was about 8 years old and quickly realized that I wanted to be behind the scenes. I started my vintage boutique online and art directed and styled all of the shoots, and from there I realized that styling was my true calling.

Who are your favorite designers of the moment? Globally and locally?

I've always loved French fashion houses. Chanel, of course, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Lacroix, Hermes, the list goes on. Locally, I am a huge fan of Raul Osario's designs. His pieces are very well constructed and well executed.

What is your typical assignment like as a stylist? Lead us through what it's like to pull from such great stores.

I have done a wide variety of jobs, from really casual test shoots to higher production editorials. Each individual job has been very different. Typically though, I will run to my go-to stores first which are June Resale, Grethen House 2, & Neiman Marcus. For almost every shoot I try to mix high end, designer pieces with more affordable pieces from vintage stores and thrift shops around town, mixing high and low has always been my personal style philosophy and I try to represent it in my work as well.

What's a big fashion DON'T for you right now?
Not dressing for your body type, I see it way too often.

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