Jamaa Fanaka takes over Patrick's Cabaret

Thursday night marks the second installment of the 1st Annual Winter Cinema Series at Patrick's Cabaret in south Minneapolis. Curated by Mark Andrew, the special event will feature three flicks for the price of none. 

The evening's theme is Re-edit Retrospective, and will include re-edited movies by writer, producer, and director Jamaa Fanaka. 

The movie night will kick off at 8 p.m. with a screening of Black Sister's Revenge, a 1976 film centered around the character of Emma Mae. After moving from rural Mississippi to Compton, she learns to fight and steal for love. 

The second film in the line up will be Fanaka's 1979 prison drama, Penitentiary. But before that, audiences will see a short clip of Fanaka discussing his cult films, shedding light on the background and inspiration for the flicks.

The final film for the Re-edit Retrospective will be Street Wars (1992), a dark movie loaded with drug dealing gangs, violence, and murder. 

Considered a pioneer of cult and independent films, Fanaka's works on the silver screen are raw, social commentaries whose images and thought-provoking stories have carried through over time.

Patrick's Cabaret is located at 3010 Minnehaha Avenue South in Minneapolis. Thursday night's screening is free.