Jaime Carrera curates 'Peligro' at Patrick's Cabaret


Queer Boyz Nite, an ongoing evening of gay performance held at Patrick's Cabaret, is getting a bit of a shake-up. Jaime Carrera, who has performed at past QBNs, is curating this week's show, which he has re-named Peligro (Spanish for danger). He's hoping to step up the programming to include cutting-edge work that is pushing the envelope more so than in the past.

To give an idea of just how intense the show is going to be, Carrera reveals that Butoh performer Kats D. Fukasawa will be taking a shit onstage during his piece; photographer Benjamin Fredrickson (who now lives in Brooklyn) is showing never-before-seen graphic sex videos filmed during his days in Minneapolis; and dancer Dustin Maxwell has created a modern dance piece in which he inserts a giant butt plug with a horse tail on it.


When he was asked earlier this year by Arturo Miles, program director at Patrick's Cabaret, to curate QBN, Carrera recalls that Miles had said that the show had grown a bit stagnant. "I knew that the tendency was to pick a curator, then that person would pick a random group of artists whose work they wouldn't even see until the day of the first show," Carrera says. "I wanted to change that, and a few other things."
The theme of the evening is "danger." To get an idea of where Carrera is going with this concept, take a look at the promo image above, created by Benjamin Fredrickson. Fredrickson wrote about the image: "Taking HIV meds can be such a depressing chore, why not make it a more fashionable and fun experience? A one-month supply of Atripla costs about $2,000. I created a one of a kind 'designer outfit' for this particular Atripla bottle."

For the show's poster, which Carrera designed using Fredrickson's photograph, he incorporated a Hindu swastika after doing research on the history of the symbol. "I liked the double-edge sword quality of the image," Carrera says. "It's a symbol of prosperity, but it also elicits a very strong reaction from people. That's what I want this show to be like as well."

For the show's lineup, Carrera has picked a group of artists whose work he knows and loves. "The work that is being presented is very avant-garde, and pushes the limits of comfort from an audience point of view," he says. "I'm known for a certain brand of uncompromising, acerbic, antagonistic style of work, and I wanted this show to reflect that."

Meanwhile, Carrera has facilitated the artists' ideas. "I wanted to truly curate the show by being as available to them to bounce ideas off of, help them produce their work, and give them feedback," he says. 

Carrera has also cut the show's length considerably. "I am not a fan of long shows, and I believe that anything over an hour is too much." So rather than give everyone the 15 minutes that is customary at Patrick's, Carrera has shrunk the time down to a flexible range between 3 and 10 minutes. 

Carrera says he also wanted to "cheat" the idea of having a "men only" show. Thus, Tyler Jensen's new film Money Shot (which mimics vintage porn tableau with a humorous twist) features trans men among its cast, and artist Tim Carroll performs alongside his two collaborators, Natasha Hassett and Vena Ambrose. 

It's sure to be an interesting evening. To top it all off, Ben Egerman will be performing his surrealistic mini play about a man that turns into a crab. 

Peligro: An Evening of Queer Avant-Garde Entertainment features Tim Carroll, Ben Egerman, Benjamin Fredrickson, Kats D. Fukasawa, Tyler Jensen, and Dustin Maxwell. It runs Friday and Saturday, July 22 and 23 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10. For more info, visit