Isn’t the holiday season scary enough? Nope, says the Haunted Basement crew

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Image courtesy the Haunted Basement

The Haunted Basement has plans to freak people out this Christmas.

The malls during the holiday season are usually already terrifying, but this year the Haunted Basement folks are looking to take Rosedale Mall to the next level, as they just announced a limited run of a new offering, titled “The Workshop.”

“A holiday haunt gives us a unique position to look at and explore what frightens people about a time of year that is usually seen as joyous,” says Guy Dalbey-Thomas, one of the show’s designers. “It also provides an opportunity to comment on the corporate takeover of the season.”

Christmas and creepiness is a pairing that has proven to work like peanut butter and jelly, even if it often gets overshadowed by Halloween horrors. But movies like Gremlins, Black Christmas, and Krampus have all shown how well it works (Tim Burton was on to something, too). 

The Haunted Basement is known for its interactive haunted houses; since crawling out of the Soap Factory’s unfinished cellar its characters have made their way to a former storefront on East Hennepin, eventually lurching into an abandoned Herberger’s in Rosedale Mall.

For the Workshop, they’ll be testing the yuletide waters with a limited four-evening run. 

“In other parts of the country, holiday haunts are super popular,” says Sarah Salisbury, production director. “While we have this awesome spot, and coming off the success of our 13th year, we thought we'd give the holiday haunt thing a try.”

For those looking to take their seasonal anxiety to the next level, you’ll need to be 18 or older. Tickets are on sale now, though walk-ups will also be accepted, if available.

The Workshop

6:30-10:30 p.m. Fri.-Sat.
December 6-14