Is Minneapolis the best place in the world to play Pokemon Go?

"It's lit," ebert42, as he plays through the park. (Scroll down to see his video.)

"It's lit," ebert42, as he plays through the park. (Scroll down to see his video.) YouTube

Are people still playing this game? Yes, they are. And Minneapolis is host to one hell of a gaming destination, potentially loaded with Charmanders, Psyducks, and Volterbs for you to catch and train. Because you want to be the very best.

According to someone on Reddit, Victory Memorial Parkway has over 110 Pokestops. The park, located near on the border of Robbinsdale in north Minneapolis’ Camden neighborhood, is a stop on the Grand Rounds trail circuit, and offers gorgeous Mississippi views, a lake, a war memorial, a walking path, and a variety of interesting statues.

But are they good Pokestops? It depends on when you go. Some are saying you’ll mostly find “commons” (aka creatures you’re more likely to find anywhere you go), while others say it’s a great spot to find nests loaded with stuff not in a typical collection.

Other local hot spots, according to maps and online suggestions from players, include the University of Minnesota, Rice Park, and the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. If you’re up for a road trip, the San Antonio Riverwalk, the Santa Monica Pier, and Disney World offer hella Pokemon. If you’re a world traveler, Kings Park in Perth, Australia, and the Fisketorvet Mall in Denmark have gotten shout-outs from players.

Last summer, people around the world were freaking out over the augmented reality game. Players were walking around outside, exploring new areas of their neighborhood, and even stopping into the local businesses. Could this cell phone game propel us into a futuristic utopia? some asked.

Meanwhile, other people were wringing their hands about the downfall of society, as some folks were trying to “catch them all” while driving, angry people started freaking out when spotting players, Sen. Al Franken became concerned about how the game was using our personal data, and then people starting finding dead bodies. Nintendo’s stock saw a massive spike, then a quick plummet in shares after investors realized that they don’t actually make the game, they simply own about a third of the company that does produce Pokemon Go.

Also, last summer, this sign was spotted in south Minneapolis:

(A sign of the end times? Or a garage sale that knows how to market itself? Is that parakeet an evolved Pokemon?)

Since then, we’ve calmed the fuck down about the interactive game and have moved on to different matters. However, the Twin Cities Pokemon community is healthy, with Facebook groups, online maps, and Reddit threads with local players continuing to pop up.

If you plan to head out to Victory Memorial Parkway, check out this tutorial from a local gamer and YouTube content maker below.