Internet Cat Video Festival's People's Choice voting is open

Internet Cat Video Festival's People's Choice voting is open
What the internet was made for: Watch a video where a kitten meets a hedgehog
This August, the Walker Art Center's super-popular Internet Cat Video Film Festival will return for an even bigger get-together at the Minnesota State Fair. But before that, folks at the museum are carefully curating and (presumably) heatedly discussing which video submissions will screen at the event, and who will take home top honors in the cat video hall of fame.

Audiences have a say in the big winners, too, as there's a People's Choice category open to voting.

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This year's nominees include five video shorts: the notorious Grumpy Cat getting a petting, a cat that likes to lick air from vacuum cleaners, a cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba (while also hanging with a duckling and a dog), a kitten freaked out by a hedgehog, and an uber-slick video about a man who accidentally orders a cat through the mail.

Voting is open through midnight Wednesday, July 31. To watch all of the videos and vote, visit the Walker's People's Choice page. The winner of the Golden Kitty will be announced at the big Grandstand gathering on Wednesday, August 28.  

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