Internet Cat Video Festival 2013: A recap

Internet Cat Video Festival 2013: A recap
Tatiana Craine

Last year, no one knew for certain what the turnout at the inaugural Internet Cat Video Festival would be like. This year, the same question arose with a change in venue (from the Walker's field to the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand) and price ($12 entry to the fair, plus another $10 for the show while last year's event was free). However, Minnesota's love for cats held strong, and fans clad in feline outfits packed the entire venue.

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The event opened with several performances, the introduction of Butter Cat, and live appearances by internet cat celebrity royalty, including Will Braden (Henri's human companion), Chris Torres (creator of Nyan Cat), Charlie Schmidt (of Keyboard Cat fame), Pudge the cat, Maddie Kelly (the voice behind Kittens Inspired by Kittens), and others.

Oh, and Lil Bub shared the stage with Grumpy Cat. And the internet exploded. Social media overflowed with updates, and it wasn't long before #catvidfest was trending on Twitter. (Although, this wasn't the first time they met, as shown on their Twitter accounts earlier in the day.)

The videos started playing only a few minutes before 9 p.m. much to the chagrin of a crowd that had started filling the Grandstand three hours prior. A resounding chant of "CATS! CATS! CATS!" echoed throughout when the clips finally aired. Note to self: Don't mess with a thousands-strong crowd of cat lovers.

Sixty-five clips were selected for the festival from more than 7,000 screened and judged by a panel of cat aficionados. You can watch the Walker Art Center's playlist here.

At the end of the night, Kittens Inspired by Kittens, Keyboard Cat, Nyan Cat, and Henri Le Chat Noir won the honor of becoming Cat Vid Fest Hall of Famers while Grumpy Cat took home the giant Monopoly piece-inspired Golden Kitty Award.

Click onwards for some of our favorite clips from last night's #catvidfest.  

Here are some of the best new videos that played at this year's Internet Cat Video Fest.

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