Internet Cat Video Fest 2014 is open for nominations

A cat lover at last year's festival, hosted at the Minnesota State Fair

A cat lover at last year's festival, hosted at the Minnesota State Fair

Cat lovers on the internet: Now is your moment to demonstrate your knowledge of awesome cat videos. This morning, the Walker Art Center announced a call for nominations for its insanely popular Internet Cat Video Fest.

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[jump] So what have been the best uploads since the last festival? Past nominees have included a cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba, a kitten meeting a porcupine, and a cat who likes licking vacuum cleaners. This year's categories include comedy, drama, musical, documentary, animation, action/adventure, Vine video, and cute. Voting for People's Choice (a.k.a. the one with the Golden Kitty) kicks off June 1.

This year's festival will be returning to the Walker Art Center's giant hill August 14 for a free night of cat video screenings and visits from famous cats and their owners, as well as costumed cat fanatics from all over the state and beyond. Previous years have seen appearances from Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat, two felines who now have movie deals in the works. Last year's fest took place at the Minnesota Fairgrounds. This year, the museum will host the event once again as part of its Open Field program.

To nominate a cat vid (yes, you can submit your own creations), click here. This year's selections will be curated by Will Braden, who won the first Golden Kitty People's Choice for Henri le Chat Noir. For more info on the event, visit