Instagram fan meet-up tonight


Fans of photography whose snapshot weapon of choice is the iPhone should take note: Tonight, First Avenue's Depot Taverb will be hosting a little get together celebrating the Instagram app.

Never heard of it? The free app follows photography's progression of taking exciting advances and using them to create retro images. Meaning, the Instagram recreates the look of a Polaroid on an iPhone. Think of it like visual meatloaf; it's the "comfort food" of photo world.

[jump] Whether you've been taking shots since the app went live or just downloaded the program this afternoon, fans are invited to stop by the Depot tonight to share pics over beers and snacks. So if you have some great concert photography or snapped some cool finds on an interesting walk through the city, now's your chance to share your shots and to get feedback directly from people rather than the internet.

The Instagram meet-up starts at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 24 at the Depot Tavern (17 North Seventh St., Minneapolis; 612.338.1828). To RSVP, click here. To download the app and get snapping, visit