Inclusive 'Are you from MN?' online quiz allows everyone to be from Minnesota

Welcome to Minnesota. We're a little bit weird.

Welcome to Minnesota. We're a little bit weird. Jessica Armbruster

Are you not sure if you're from Minnesota? There's a quiz for that.

This week, an online quiz testing people's knowledge on all things Minnesota has been circulating on Facebook. The 15-part challenge can be found on, a Los Angeles-based site with a healthy dose of content geared toward Grey's Anatomy fans.

Do you know the answer to this question?

Dang, you must be from Minnesota.

Are you aware that Milwaukee is in Wisconsin? How very Minnesota of you to know geography!

Wait, kitty corner isn't just a Minnesota thing, it's used all over the U.S.


It's Friday -- you know you need a time-waster today before you're free for the weekend. You can take the quiz and find out if you're from Minnesota right here. You need to get at least 13 questions right to qualify. Good luck.