In Russia, 'Full House' watches you


It's strange but true: Countries often export the framework of their successful sitcoms much like they do fruit or cattle. And while some shows simply get lost in translation (Seinfeld is notorious for not even working in syndication out of the U.S.), others are still awesomely bad, no matter what language it's in.

[jump] Recently Slate's arts and culture blog, Brow Beat, unearthed some hilarious gems from around the globe. Whether you speak the language or not, if you know the program you will be able to spot the characters and even figure out the general theme of the episodes. Shows include The Golden Girls, The Nanny, and Full House (a.k.a. Topsy-Turvy House). Be forewarned: The opening sequence for Russia's take on Full House is an animation hell that will haunt your dreams tonight.

We've included the Full House clip below. Russian Jessie looks way more bad-ass than John Stamos ever could (not really).