I had my bachelorette party at the Minnesota State Fair

Living it up at the Fair.

Living it up at the Fair. Image courtesy of the bachelorette

I’m about to say something shocking, but stay with me here.

You should totally have your bachelorette party at the Minnesota State Fair, and I’m uniquely qualified to tell you why: I did, and it was the most fun ever.

I told my closest pals -- the people who would’ve been my wedding party if I had a wedding party, a tradition I’m eschewing for my nuptials, which are going to be really small and intimate -- that I wanted to do my bachelorette party a little early so we could hit up the State Fair, aka my favorite time of year.

They threw me the most thoughtful, adorable, and fabulous bachelorette party of all time. It was a perfect mix of Minnesota and me, complete with everyone in platinum blonde wigs. (The story of the wigs? The same crew showed up in them as a surprise for my 30th birthday last November. The tradition seems to have stuck, much like our penchant for Fireball.)

The thing about bachelorette parties is that they aren’t really that fun. No one really wants to drink out of a penis straw or go dancing or pay hundreds of dollars to fly somewhere to drink for three days. That's what makes the State Fair the perfect location for something of such time-honored importance as one’s bachelorette.

First, it's easy to get to. You can just hop on a bus basically anywhere in the metro and it’ll take you there safe and sound, no fighting for parking required.

Secondly, you don’t have to resort to playing “pin the penis on the poster” because you have a plethora of things to do. You want to go pet some cows? Go crazy! Want to check out advancements in apples? Head over to the Ag building. Feel like hitting up some bars? You can do that! Love a Ferris wheel? It’s a-turnin’!

There’s virtually nothing you can’t do at the State Fair, though I do recommend pre-gaming a little bit before you head through those pearly gates. (The Fair isn’t cheap, okay?)

The Minnesota State Fair itself is a legend; it’s pretty much the best State Fair in the United States, which makes it just as epic a destination as Nashville or Las Vegas. Wear something fun, like the aforementioned wigs and cutoffs as my friends did, and don’t be afraid to attract attention. The Fair is the perfect place to make a scene, wine slushy in hand, and to feel like the bachelorette queen you are while atop the glittering and highly Instagrammable Ferris wheel, a must-stop for any high-profile party.

Photo opportunities abound at the Fair.

Photo opportunities abound at the Fair. Image courtesy of the bachelorette

Forgive this bachelorette, who doesn’t clearly remember everything that occurred at her party, thanks to plenty of Fireball and Chambongs before the event. However, as a bachelorette at the State Fair, people definitely showed me some love. I even briefly encountered another bachelorette party, and the other bride and myself took a pic together, hugging like we’d been BFFs our whole lives.

We didn’t venture into any animal barns, unfortunately, but it was probably for the best, as drinking and cow manure don’t exactly mix. We met up with my uncle, who works at the Fair each year, outside O’Gara’s, where my friends confirmed that the Irish tater tots are decidedly not delicious. I spent most of my party contentedly wandering around, double-fisting wine slushies from the Wine Building (their new peach flavor is lovely, FYI).

High-octane Fair rides and drinking also don’t mix, so we opted for the slow loop of the Ferris Wheel instead. My only issue with it? You’re basically in a cage! They’re closed off -- probably for safety -- but it definitely limits interaction with your friends in other cars.

Our group did split up from time to time so members could snag their favorite Fair foods, and the night ended with me shoving my favorite corn fritters from Blue Barn in my face, so all in all, it was a perfect night.

My takeaway: A bachelorette at the Minnesota State Fair gives you the freedom to be who you want to be. No one is judging you for wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and a crown, because there’s someone down the street who’s barefoot in a MAGA hat. The environment gives you a pass from your daily life and lets you go a little wild, which is absolutely what you’re supposed to do when you’re about to intertwine your life with someone else’s for the rest of forever.

I was lucky enough to have a crew who truly understood exactly why I love the Fair, and the experience reinforced why I love them so much.

Pre-gaming: A v. important part of the plan.

Pre-gaming: A v. important part of the plan. Image courtesy of the bachelorette

Minnesota State Fair Bachelorette DOs and DON’Ts:

· Take Metro Transit! It’s cheap, readily available and a safe option for everyone if drinking is involved.

· Pre-game. For budget reasons. Beer is expensive at the Fair and finding cocktails for any gluten-free participants can be a pain.

· Have each attendee choose one or two things they’d like to do or eat, but let the bride be the guide at the end of the day.

· Go in the evening because the lines are shorter .

· HAVE FUN. GO CRAZY. The Fair only comes once a year!