I Feel Love recap + video by Anthem Heart

I Feel Love recap + video by Anthem Heart
Oishiimomo / Photo by Denis Plaster

A highlight of last weekend's overall festivities, I Feel Love plucked two designers from the great pool of Twin Cities talent and showcased them via a thoughtful production by Anthem Heart, Angie Hanson and Maritza Ramirez from SCENEaSOTA. The latter producer was one of the two designers showcased at the event at Grain Belt studios in Northeast, as well as Mackenzie LaBine and her Oishiimomo line.

The spacious studios fit all of Minneapolis' fashion elite and  impressive stage setup quite well, the runway flanked at its base by two pretty amazing white pyramids that flashed colorful video projection throughout the night and as the girls walked. It was like nothing any local fashion show had done before and added an air of excitement and lightened the mood.

I Feel Love recap + video by Anthem Heart
Maritza Ramirez / Photo by Denis Plaster

Both lines thankfully had distinctive points of view -- Ramirez was menswear inspired while LaBine went in a bold Lolita direction -- but the difference felt a bit jarring, like there was nothing to tie them together, no thanks to a weighty intermission. Overall though, the behind-the-scenes organization was top notch and we appreciated the whole thing, from mingling to the last look on the runway, took less than a few hours.  We'd definitely welcome an I Feel Love 2 with a few more designers and in this same beautiful building. Meantime, check the video recap from Anthem Heart and see our slideshows below.

I Feel Love: Runway shots
I Feel Love: Photobooth shots

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