'I Feel Love': Fashion, art, multimedia colide this weekend (VIDEO)

I Feel Love - Fashion Show June 12th Minneapolis from Time Squid on Vimeo.


If you're on Facebook and in the fashion scene in Minneapolis, you've already heard about I Feel Love, the summer fashion show featuring local designers at the Grain Belt building in Northeast. The show's visually stunning flier bares geometric triangles and "it" model Mary from Vision Models as well as the names of a host of folks that make the Twin Cities lovelier to look at. But what exactly can an attendee expect from this colorful extravaganza? We asked producer Angie Hanson to break it down.

"I Feel Love is a summer runway show with an Italo-disco theme uniting music, video and fashion, with one really great surprise at the end," Hanson explains. "We really want to showcase the individual talents of the designers, DJs and videographers and bring everyone together with a theme that was big enough to unite all their strengths -- it was a theme everyone could claim and still have a unique voice."

Hanson said there will be creative video projected in concert with the runway.

"We're going to have bitmap video laid over two triangle shapes, so it's going to be this cool fashion/light/music pyramid," she said.

Aside from that futuristic display, The Dressing Room predicts highlights of the show will be Oishiimomo's ready-to-wear line, designs by Maritza Ramirez and the purposefully cheesy Italo beats from The Nightstalker that will be the night's soundtrack. (See the I FEEL LOVE Facebook event page for the entire lineup.)

There will be I Feel Love t-shirts and limited run posters available for sale at the show, and the fashions will all be available at Cliche and Robot Love the following week.

City Pages will have a photobooth at this event, so make sure to stop in and get yer snaps on.

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