I AM MPLS! high fives our city



Although there are posters around town and plenty of online chatter, you may still be wondering what the hell is I AM MPLS! is. Well, as it turns out, I AM MPLS! is a local fashion and art show made by the people, for the people. This Thursday, event organizers will share their love of the local, attempting to set the stage for future, hodge-podge entertainment to follow in its wake. We sat down with I AM MPLS! creator, producer, and overall wild child Sarah Edwards to get the scoop on the eccentric event with the clever name.

[jump] ​City Pages: What is I AM MPLS! and how did it originate?

Sarah Edwards: I AM MPLS! is a creative event featuring a smattering of local fashion, music, art, and comedy. The concept for the show came from being inspired by all of the creative people in the city and wondering how I could get them all in the same room. From rockabilly musicians to fine artists, I am constantly impressed with what's developing in Minneapolis. I hear a lot of people say this city is too small, but I think we can take advantage of that by lifting up the talent we have and showcasing them to the world.

CP: Why is this show different than other fashion/art shows we may have seen before?

SE: The show is unique because it invites collectively inspired people to bring everything they have and lay it out on the table. It's really a chance to celebrate everyone's talents and contributions while connecting quirky, innovative types in hopes of collaborating on future projects. There are also a few surprises taking place that I am really looking forward to.

CP: What designers and local acts can we expect to see?

SE: Red Pens and Estate will be the featured musical acts. I'm a huge fan of both and they are doing very forward things in the local music scene right now. MPLS.TV shot the promo video for the event and my friend Chris Cloud of MPLS.TV is emceeing. Hilarious female comedians Amber Preston and Andy Erikson will kick off the event, and everyone's favorite DJ Dory "Dirty McKenzie" Kahale will be spinning during the fashion show. Atmosfere, B.A Resale Shop, Drama, and CounterCouture are providing the clothes and local musicians, entrepreneurs, artists, bartenders, and others are taking over the runway. To say that it's going to be entertaining is an understatement.

Sarah Edwards, I AM MPLS! producer

Sarah Edwards, I AM MPLS! producer

This is your first time producing a show like this. Anything you would have done differently that would have made your life a lot easier?

Producing this event has been so fun and so stressful at the same time. It's hard when you are approaching people that don't know you, asking them to trust in your vision. It's kind of funny because when I started concepting I was writing down everything I needed to make it happen. I was literally like, "Well I need models, a venue to hold the models, some money to get a venue, sponsors to get money, and an event to get sponsors. Where the hell do I start?" It's all fun and games in retrospect because it came together wonderfully. The people at the Fine Line have been an absolute dream to work with and they hooked me up with my extremely helpful assistant Rachel Krystiniak. I didn't start planning the event until late August so I guess next year I'll give myself more time.

CP: What inspires you?

SE: Working at (creative/ad agency) Pixel Farm has been an amazing experience because I'm surrounded by passionate people who push me to dream big. But at the end of the day, I'm legitimately obsessed with fashion. As a freelance stylist ( I constantly immerse myself in fashion. I would have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if possible. I love how what people are listening to, reading, watching, learning about reflects in their fashion and how they want the world to view them.

CP: What do you like best about the Minneapolis fashion scene?

SE: I like that it is rapidly taking off. There are a lot of talented designers but also a lot of talented writers, stylists, promoters, and models. People are starting to realize they can do whatever they want because there is a huge support system to make it grow.

CP: What's next?

SE: I want I AM MPLS! to be an annual event highlighting the crème de la crème of local talent and creatives in the industry. There is always someone doing something interesting in the city. Those people should be recognized and given high fives. In essence, I AM MPLS! is kind of like giving Minneapolis a big high five.

I AM MPLS! takes place at the Fine Line Music Café Thursday, November 18. Tickets are available at the Electric Fetus and at Ticketmaster for $10, or can be purchased for $15 at the door. There are also limited VIP tickets for $30 that include seating, a gift bag, and an original Adam Turman poster.