How We Met: Vote on readers' love stories [POLL]

How We Met: Vote on readers' love stories [POLL]

For our special Valentine's Day issue of City Pages, we showcased a bunch of extraordinary Minnesota couples who touched our hearts with stories of how they met. But we knew there were tons of couples out there who had stories just as romantic and funky as the ones we highlighted.

We asked readers to tell us how they met, and they delivered. From a hilarious late-night Goldilocks situation to rogue snowballs, these couples have gotten past funny, awkward, and weird meet-cutes to show that sometimes true love does conquer all.

We chose the best submissions, and now it's your turn to tell us who's got the ultimate romantic tale for the chance to win a date package.

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Entry 1: Mouth-to-Mouth Mates

I met my husband by doing CPR on a dummy... literally! We used to work in Mankato, for the same company but in different buildings. Our company offered Emergency Response Training to all employees if they wanted it, and I signed up. Long story short, I joined his "CPR dummy" group because I thought he was cute, and told him he had nice shoes. Four years later, we are now happily married, and we shared that story during our wedding vows.

Entry 2: Prom Pals

It was early spring 1997. I was a senior in high school, and she was a freshman at the U. My brother and I drove over from Wisconsin to spend the weekend with some friends. A buddy of ours happened to be friends with her because they lived in the same dorm. So a group of us, her and I included, proceeded to a dirty, basement house party in Dinkytown. She and I got to talking, and our drinks soon ran dry. I asked my brother to get us more beer, and he said, "You have to kiss her first." We looked at each other and said, "What the hell!" We ended up making out for a majority of the party. After the party died down, we left and began making our way back to the dorm. I was giving her a piggy back ride as we walked down University Avenue, and in my drunken stupor, I asked her to my senior prom. She said yes. Before parting ways later that evening, she wrote her phone number on my forearm in black permanent marker. I woke up the next morning and thought to myself, "Cool. That really did happen!" I called her and confirmed that she did still want to go to my prom with me, and we began a whirlwind long-distance relationship. That was nearly 16 years ago, and we have been together ever since. We married in 2005 and have one child.

Entry 3: The Late Shift

The short form of our story is this: I came home, he was in my bed, I decided to keep him there.

Okay, now that I have your attention, here's the long version: I was living with a couple of friends, and I was working the night shift. They had a friend who recently broke up with his girlfriend, and needed a place to crash for a couple of nights. Since I was gone all night long, they thought it would be okay to offer him my bed, and assumed he'd be gone before I came home. Well, they were wrong, and as I stumbled to my bed after a long night at work, I was shocked to find this stranger already sound asleep in there. My first thoughts were confusion and anger at my roommates, but heck, he was cute and I was tired... so I told him to move over and make room for me to crash besides him. We started hanging out after that brief encounter in bed, and I soon fell in love. We have been together for 12 years, and are married with two beautiful children. So, THAT's how we met.

Entry 4: Fateful Snowballs

My husband and I met on the school bus on our way to high school in Colonial Heights, Virginia. We grew up a mere two blocks away from each other, but didn't meet until high school because we were a year apart. Riding the school bus after a rare Virginia snow, he proceeded to grab snow from the roof and form it into a snowball to hit his friend sitting behind me. Unfortunately -- fortunately? -- he ended up hitting me in the face. After dealing with my wrath, we became best friends. After a few years of being inseparable as friends, we started dating, went away to college together, got married, and moved to the grand state of Minnesota. We have been happily married for almost 7 years now. So my advice is always the same: Careful who you hit with a snowball, you may end up marrying them.

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Entry 5: All's Fair in Love and Romance

It was the first day of September 2011, and I spent it at the State Fair. I didn't have much of an agenda but I knew I wanted to have my picture taken at the MPR booth. After a few hours of stuffing myself and wandering around, I stumbled towards the radio station where two kids were volunteering. I felt strangely confident that day, and struck up a conversation with them. We talked about local music and some bands we had seen until I asked, "So, is there anything going on with you guys later?" I guess I had worded it funny because all I meant was, "Is there anything going on at the station later?" But the boy volunteer responded with, "Well, I get done at one... Oh wait." and he proceeded to look slightly embarrassed. I realized I had just accidentally hit on him. Suddenly I felt awkward, considering I'd never dare to be so bold on purpose! He was so cute, and actually seemed interested. It terrified me. I had him snap the picture and then I beat a hasty retreat. Afterward, I regretted not giving him my number.

About five months later, I received a message on my online dating account from a guy who worked with radio. He looked so familiar, so I asked him if he had volunteered at the Fair. He had, and he had taken my picture! He didn't even realize it was me when he made contact, and I certainly had never expected to see him again. Suddenly, the boy I accidentally hit on was now hitting on me! I took it as a sign that something was drawing us together. We had our first date the day after Valentine's Day, and have been happily in love ever since.

Entry 6: Party Hoppers

I met my S.O. at an after party for NYE 2012. He doesn't remember the very first ever introduction, but we were passing each other in small groups in a stairwell in Northeast. We were momentarily introduced. I then engrained his face in my brain because he had a style that reminded me of an attractive ex (I know, awful!), and he was a GIANT!

Flash forward about six hours to the after-after-party for NYE 2012, a Minneapolis location. I'm rolling a cig, he's smoking on a couch. He remembers first seeing me there, and says my cigarette rolling and long red hair was what initially grabbed his attention. 

Flash forward another week or so. He works at First Ave as a bouncer, and starts to notice me going to the good shows hosted by BLACK. He starts Facebook messaging me, then text messaging me. I figured if nothing else I could get into First Ave for free. Turns out, he's my match.

We can fart, belch and crack horribly politically incorrect jokes together, and now have an adorable fat little Chihuahua min-pin baby.

I still remember the movie moment when we first exchanged "I love yous." We were leaving an after-party, stopped by First Ave. to catch a cab at the taxi stand. It was a cold March morning, and we were standing on the corner finishing cigarettes before hopping into a cab. He turns to me and says he really wants to say something that just feels right against all rationale. There we were, professing our love on the corner of the street as the sun rose. Just magical.

Entry 7: Globetrotters

My boyfriend and I met online through eHarmony, which, yes, tons of others have done. However, we are unique because I am currently living in Norway and he is currently living in South Dakota. I'm from Plymouth, Minnesota, and went to Wayzata High School and St. Olaf College. He grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and went to the University of MN in Duluth. I'm a teacher and he is a nurse. We were matched in September of 2011, and were in contact via email and Skype until we officially met in person when I was home for Christmas break in 2011. I've been back to the States for summer and Christmas of 2012. We've had a lot of time in between being together in person. This is my last year of four years teaching/living abroad. I am excited to be headed back to the States this summer with my favorite person to come home to. We just had a Valentine's date on Skype, where we both rented Skyfall and watched it at the same time. We are looking forward to him visiting me here in Norway for two weeks in March!

Entry 8: Bus Buddies

We met on the 22 bus route when we were about 16 or 17. I was skipping school with my friend and he was on his way to some alternative high school. I thought he was way too sexy for me. I had a real thing for light-skinned guys. He smiled at me. I tore a piece of paper off and wrote my number on it. We crossed paths several times through the years. Once, I saw him and asked for a cigarette when I was at the gas station. Once, when I was living in Brooklyn Park, he put my five-year-old son on his lap and let him drive to Walgreen's. Once, I went to a party at his mom's new house when she was in Mexico. Once, he came into the bar where I was working and finding out we had a mutual friend, he then shook my hand and for some dumb/funny reason I kissed it, then I realized it smelled like balls and yelled out, "Your hand smells like balls!" After my first marriage ended, I decided to have a barbecue at my house and invited our mutual friend that brought him along. We laughed, and sat in one of those satellite chairs with a blanket next to the fire all night. We started texting and talking on the phone a lot. When we had our first "night together" I looked into his eyes and I knew this was it. I know that everything happens for a reason, and I couldn't be happier.

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