How We Met contest winners: 'We were kindred dork spirits from the start'

How We Met contest winners: 'We were kindred dork spirits from the start'

Last month, the Valentine's Day spirit was in our hearts thanks to our feature about adorable couples around the Twin Cities. So, we decided to ask readers to share their own stories.

Your submissions brought meaning to Shakespeare's infamous line, "The course of true love never did run smooth." But they also showed how the most unpredictable run-ins can often make the best stories. You can't always choose how you meet your special someone -- whether it's at a bar, the zoo, or a friend's house -- but at least you can get some good memories out of the experience.

After nearly 100 votes, readers resoundingly chose the couple from "The Late Shift" story, Kiki and Aaron Rogers, who met during a chance encounter in Kiki's bed after she got home from work. We got in touch with Kiki, and talked about how that fateful night became the beginning of a life together.

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"Aaron and I seemed to hit it off right away, but it still took me some time to believe it was a lifetime kinda thing," Kiki says. "But he says he was convinced the moment he first saw me that I'd be the mother of his children."

Kiki and Aaron began dating soon after meeting, and bonded over their love of bowling. "Our first 'date' was just friends hanging out," Kiki recalls. "We couldn't find any good movies, and we had just missed the start of a Twins game, so Aaron asked me, 'Do you like to bowl?' To which I replied, 'Can we swing by my place to get my ball?' He said, 'Sure! Mine's in the trunk, but I didn't want go look like a dork.' We were kindred dork spirits from the start."

The Rogers have been together for a dozen years, and have two children. Kiki and Aaron's young kids have heard how their parents met, and aren't afraid to tell the cute story. "Our kids do know the story of how we met, and they manage to repeat it in the most inappropriate situations," Kiki says.

Kiki's advice for new couples is the same, whether they met under unusual or traditional circumstances. "I think many of us have a fantasy built up in our head of the princess bride and knight in shining armor," she says. "I but in reality God has a vision for our lives that far exceeds one's imagination. Have fun, let go of expectations, and learn to appreciate your own unique relationship."

If you didn't catch it the first time around, here's their entry in the City Pages How We Met contest:

The short form of our story is this: I came home, he was in my bed, I decided to keep him there.

Okay, now that I have your attention, here's the long version: I was living with a couple of friends, and I was working the night shift. They had a friend who recently broke up with his girlfriend, and needed a place to crash for a couple of nights. Since I was gone all night long, they thought it would be okay to offer him my bed, and assumed he'd be gone before I came home. Well, they were wrong, and as I stumbled to my bed after a long night at work, I was shocked to find this stranger already sound asleep in there. My first thoughts were confusion and anger at my roommates, but heck, he was cute and I was tired... so I told him to move over and make room for me to crash besides him. We started hanging out after that brief encounter in bed, and I soon fell in love. We have been together for 12 years, and are married with two beautiful children. So, THAT's how we met.

Contest winners Kiki and Aaron Rogers
Contest winners Kiki and Aaron Rogers
Courtesy of the Rogers

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