How to run away and join the cat circus

Do you have the right cattitude to join the circus?

Do you have the right cattitude to join the circus?

"MUST LOVE CATS!" reads an ad for the reason we're currently packing our bags, wrangling up some catnip, and stocking up on Zyrtec.

Do you "LOVE" cats? (And cat puns?) Is your favorite Disney movie The Aristocats? Have you always wanted to have an illustrious career in showbiz? Then your mewment in the spotlight is here. Ringleader Samantha Martin and the Amazing Acro-Cats are looking for a tour assistant for their traveling cat circus.

Wait, "traveling cat circus tour assistant" is a job that actually exists? You've got to be kitten us.

Martin and the Acro-Cats are based out of Chicago, but have been touring the U.S. for several years. In addition to being the cutest circus around, the show promotes cat welfare and clicker training (a form of training for domestic cats).

But cats aren't the only fuzzy purrformers in the circus; there's also a groundhog, a chicken, and some rats. In addition to the usual cat circus cathletics, there's also a cat rock band called The Rock-Cats, which just made the best job we've ever heard of even better.

Thanks to the insanely popular Internet Cat Video Festival we've already shown that Minnesota is home to a ton of cat lovers, so here's your chance to double down and prove you're pawsitively passionate about felines.

Samantha Martin and the Amazing Acro-Cats in all their glory.

Samantha Martin and the Amazing Acro-Cats in all their glory.

Here are the job requirements:

1. Animal care experience - Daily, weekly and monthly cat care duties - including but not limited to general and advanced cleaning and care/welfare of animals and their living environment.
  1. Out-going personality, a keen sense of humor, the ability to roll with the punches, a flexible schedule, a high comfort level engaging with crowds of cat lovers, open to new experiences, lots of fun and craziness. We travel in a tour bus and share RV/hotel rooms.

  2. Physically fit - able to lift and transport up to 50 lbs of show props and animal carriers from tour bus to stage and back.

  3. Theater experience a plus - purr-form front and back of house duties, stage management, operate the light and sound, and help on stage with animals and prop placement.

  4. Work with volunteers - wrangle and train volunteers who help with the shows.

If you're feline good about your experience level working with animals, don't pro-cat-stinate. Apply here.