HOTTEA to create an epic yarn installation at Mall of America


Visitors enjoy a HOTTEA installation in downtown Minneapolis. Star Tribune

Minneapolis-based Eric Rieger, aka HOTTEA, travels the world making amazing art with yarn.

Abroad, he has created striking pieces in Berlin, London, and Sidney. In North America, his work has popped up at New York Fashion Week, on Sesame Street's website (he collaborated with Grover in NYC), and all over the Twin Cities, including at the Mia during Northern Spark. These pieces often span entire bridges, walkways, and fences.

This weekend, he'll be creating his biggest and most challenging work yet.

On Sunday, Rieger will be heading to the Mall of America to begin his project. The piece requires the artist to string together 721 pounds of yarn in 103 different colors. Visitors to the Mall will be able to watch Rieger and his crew work live as they criss-cross about the Atrium at the north entrance over the next 10 days.

"The foundation behind my work is to use existing infrastructure and create an artwork or idea that is in harmony within the given space,” he says. “I want to give as many people as possible an opportunity to experience spaces in new ways. I want to evoke feelings of happiness and awe."

The new work, titled Hot Lunch, is inspired by his assistant, Lynn, who is also a school lunch aid. The completed piece will be on display through October.

When he's not creating commissioned installations, the former graffiti artist yarn bombs, creating surprise pieces on fences and buildings. So keep an eye out for his work.


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