Holy smokes!

Brandon Olmscheid

Brandon Olmscheid


What else is there to say about the above photo, which shows a slackliner balancing high above Lake Superior's Palisade Head cliff? 

Quite a bit, actually. 

The jaw-dropping image was captured last Sunday by Brandon Olmscheid. After finishing a gig the previous day in Duluth, the St. Cloud-based photographer decided to venture up the North Shore in pursuit of sunrise shots. Instead, he happened upon a group of people slacklining -- a tightrope-like activity that (mercifully) includes a safety tether. 

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw one of them start to walk across a line of rope over the steep cliffs," Olmscheid says. "As I started taking photos I couldn't stop because I was still so amazed." 

Mark McKee and Michael Nichols were the slackliners tip-toeing along 580 feet of line suspended about 300 feet above Superior that day. Together, they run Minnslack, a group for Midwest slackline enthusiasts. The regional popularity of slacklining is growing, says McKee, who also produces the Web Slackline podcast.

"Michael and I got across with one fall each," he writes via Instagram of the Palisade outing. 

And Olmscheid came away with one incredible photograph. 

"Unexpected moments like these are what make photography so special," he says. 

Check out Olmscheid's work on his Instagram and website. More info about Minnslack is available here