'Hollywood's Next Big Thing' is from St. Paul

Rachel Keller as Syd Barrett in FX's "Legion."

Rachel Keller as Syd Barrett in FX's "Legion." Chris Large

While we can sorta claim Virginia, Minnesota-born goof turned hunk Chris Pratt, our state's last "Next Big Thing" export was probably St. Paul's own Josh Hartnett in the early '00s. 

That could soon change, if we're to believe a recent Hollywood Reporter article headlined "Hollywood's Next Big Thing: 'Legion' Star Rachel Keller's Big Break From Food Trucks to 'Fargo.'"

Keller, who was born in St. Paul, stars in the buzzy X-Men spinoff Legion, which debuted on FX earlier this month. She plays Syd Barrett -- the mysteriously powerful psych-ward patient, not the departed Pink Floyd singer. The sci-fi thriller is scoring rave reviews. It's the second straight high-profile gig for 25-year-old Keller, whose regionally appropriate breakout role came in Season 2 of FX's Fargo

Some interesting takeaways from the Hollywood Reporter mini-profile on the St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists grad:

-- Keller was a vocally authentic pick for Fargo ("I had the accent in my back pocket -- the mahhhm's and dayyyud's," she tells HR.)

-- She attended Carnegie Mellon University's prestigious drama school; alumni and faculty have produced 114 (!) Emmy Awards

-- Before she landed the Fargo role, she was slingin' juice from an L.A. food truck. 

-- She lives in Hollywood with her 74-year-old grandma. Aww! 

-- She wasn't subjected to harsh body-image expectations prior to landing her Legion role ( "When I look at my body, I'm like, 'I'm a lead of a TV show?'" she says. "To have a man in the business say, 'Come along just as you are,' is really an incredible thing.")