Holiday ornaments that will make you go WTF? 2012 edition

Holiday ornaments that will make you go WTF? 2012 edition
For many, going into storage and bringing out that box of holiday decorations is a special tradition. There are ornaments that are heirlooms, ones that mark special times in our lives, and the charming homemade ones that barely hold together, yet you wouldn't dare throw them away. These are not those ornaments. This post celebrates the weird ornaments. The ones that are hard to love, hard to understand, and the ones that you can't even tell exactly what you are looking at. Let's take a look at some of the stranger pieces you can buy this holiday season.

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Cat Christmas tree ornaments:

Are cats really shaped like that? It's best not to think about things like this too hard. Not a cat lover? There's a dog version you can purchase as well!

One Direction holiday ornament:

Oh, you can add this handmade ornament to your Christmas tree this year, but remember: Your siblings will never let you forget it, especially when you go through your goth phase. Speaking of...

Meh, the ornament:

Holiday ornaments that will make you go WTF? 2012 edition

Seasonal affect disorder? Apathetic teenager? Atheist? This ornament is for you.

Pinterest ornament:

For those who need their social media represented on their Christmas tree, this also comes in Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and other logos. The Walking Dead: The ornament

Because nothing says joyeux noel like an ornament with a promo image from a television show about the zombie apocalypse.

Chewbacca ornament:

For the Star Wars fanatic who prefers their tree ornaments to be a little more abstract.

Wood ornament:

But... what IS it? Is it a pine comb? A cocoon? A tree light? A turd? (Perhaps the abstract Star Wars fan can help you decide.)

Owl ornament:

Holiday ornaments that will make you go WTF? 2012 edition

Owls are hip right now, right? This ornament was made with random crap from someone's fridge, and hot-glued together. Charming!

Absolute vodka bottle:

Sadly, this ornament is filled with resin, not alcohol. You can make your own by hitting up a liquor store (or a mini bar), drinking its contents, and shoving the empty bottle in your tree. Merry Christmas!

Frosty the Snowman:

Weren't Frosty's eyes supposed to be made of coal? These realistic eyeballs will haunt your dreams.

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