Hey Garrison Keillor, here are some limericks for you

Jerry Holt, Star Tribune

Jerry Holt, Star Tribune

There once was a lass from Rochester
And a bard whose poem impressed her
At least that’s what he said
In a cutesy Op-ed
We wonder if his eyes undressed her

A man writes about his young nurse
The angry tweet, question, and curse
A scandalized host
Canceled by the Post
A limerick? Is anything worse?

He's right to praise doctors and science
Lives on with a total reliance
On a modern pacemaker
Midwestern tastemaker
Sans contrition, with only defiance

Claims he's wanted dead are not right
He should live on, and not out of spite
The public desires
He simply retires
Takes time off, and please, does not write

And reflects on this moment in time
As women fight, hustle, and climb
For respect in a world
Where banners unfurled
For unpleasant men who can rhyme