Here's your nickname(s) for US Bank Stadium, plus a bunch of jokes you made [POLL RESULTS]

We're ready to give US Bank a nickname... plus a bunch of jokes at its owners' expense.

We're ready to give US Bank a nickname... plus a bunch of jokes at its owners' expense.

 The results are in. 

Tonight, the Minnesota Vikings host the Green Bay Packers in their first home game at the brand-spankin' new US Bank Stadium. 

But that name's not right. Too cold, impersonal. Corporate. 

The only people who call it "US Bank Stadium" should be getting paid by the NFL, NBC, FOX, or US Bank. 

Last week, we asked you to consider a range of stadium nickname options floating around online.

A bunch of people voted. Another bunch took the prompt "What nickname should we give US Bank stadium?" to throw out pithy suggestions of their own. The very best (and meanest) of these we have collected for your enjoyment. 

First, for our poll winner. As more than a quarter of our voters noticed, we threw in one non-nickname choice. It was a chance for people to vent their frustration with the fact that there even is a stadium, or at least one built with $500 million in public subsidy. 

And it won. With 28 percent of the vote, A bad use of taxpayer money was the most popular answer for what we should call US Bank Stadium. Point taken. 

But that's not all that catchy, and probably won't gain favor with Vikings fans. In that case, the actual winner is... Valhalla! The (real) vikings-themed place name took 21 percent of the results to win. As a reminder, here's what our pollster, Christopher Vondracek, had to say about that choice: 

Valhalla. The top vote getter from a Vikings [fan] website, referencing the diaphanous after-life rewarded to brave, honorable Nordic sailors and warriors. Pro: Manly. Spirited. On brand. Con: Not to split metaphysical hairs, but Valhalla would be Canton. The stadium would be, like, raiding the British Isles.

Your runner-up, with 13 percent of the vote, is The Vault, which Vondracek observed "sounds like a place you keep weapons or money or jeweled skulls"-- but not one where you play football.

Some of you did not take our important scientific poll seriously, and instead made jokes about the stadium on Twitter and Facebook. We have 1) reported all of you to US Bank Stadium security, and 2) compiled the funniest answers we got below.