Help Human Season bring Wisconsin werewolves to the screen


Big Bang Productions got such a good response from their short film, Human Season, that they're getting ready to do a sequel.

They launched an Indiegogo campaign for Human Season Strikes Again, and are looking for help so they can make the sequel a reality. The cast and crew are returning.

Human Season, made for the Minneapolis Z-Fest Film Festival VI earlier this year, is what Big Bang Productions' Cole Meyer calls an “homage to '70s Grindhouse exploitation movies, cheesy B-movie horror, and our love of spoofs.”

The film did well at the festival, placing second in the Trailer Contest, and was nominated for Best Makeup & Costumes, but fell one place short of being in the top 10. The movie's performance immediately sparked the idea for a sequel from everyone involved.

Where Human Season's monster was a “wendigo,” this time they decided to draw from old Wisconsin legends, and have chosen the “Beast of Bray Road” as the monster that's going to be striking fear into the humans before it tears them apart.

“For those who don't know, the Beast of Bray Road is a werewolf, or in other circles been described as a half-man, half-bear, and half-dog combo,” says Meyer.


In line with its predecessor, the sequel going to spoof a number of well-known '80s and '90s horror movies, including Pet Sematary, Evil Dead, Constantine, Friday the 13th, and a few other movies that they're keeping under wraps. They also plan to include different video effects that make it seem as though you're watching a VHS.

The Indiegogo page includes information about the movie, and an outline of what they need to make it happen. Their funding goal is $10,000 and it's laid out what the donater will receive based on what they give to the campaign.

Meyer believes movies like this are important to keep Minnesota's film scene alive.

“Our state depends on us dreamers and artists to keep the arts alive and independent filmmaking booming,” says Meyer.

Click here for the link to the Indiegogo campaign for Human Season Strikes Again.