Hard-boiled Bogart Noir at the Heights Theatre tonight

​Iconic actor Humphrey Bogart will be taking over the Heights Theatre tonight in a special double-feature screening. Bogart received an Academy Award nomination for his role as Rick in Casablanca, a film that everyone knows by heart, or at least most of it by now anyway. 

The Heights is going to forgo another screening of his most well-known role (and his first as a romantic lead), and instead show two of his earlier works: Dead End (1937) and Angels with Dirty Faces (1938). These flicks highlight his beginnings acting as the weathered, tough guy gangster.

​Starting at 7:30 p.m., the Heights Theatre will begin the "Hard-boiled Bogart Noir" evening with a screening of Dead End. This 1937 film was directed by William Wyler, and features Bogart as the gangster Baby Face Martin. Conflict between the rich and poor ensue, along with mobster Baby Face Martin's as he tries to return to his old neighborhood. 

After Dead End, Angles with Dirty Faces will screen at 9:30 p.m. This 1938 film was directed by Michael Curtiz and features Bogart, James Cagney, Ann Sheridan, and Pat O'Brien. Audiences will witness an original,

​vintage American gangster film, complete with the Dead End Kids gang, which includes names like Soapy, Crabface, and Hunky. There's a priest too, and Bogart's character Frazier, a corrupt lawyer.

Advanced tickets are available online, or at the door of the Heights Theatre's box office. This special double-feature Bogart screening is going for the price of one admission, $8. For more of a glimpse into these two films, check out the original trailers below. 

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