Happy the sad clown tries to get happy

​When it comes to this time of year, there are definite highs and lows. Gift giving and ringing in the New Year are most often enjoyable experiences, but the cold weather and manic retail marketing campaigns are also major downers. It's no wonder that even Happy in the production Happy the SAD Clown is down in the dumps this winter. 

You can check out his story tomorrow night over at Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater as he journeys through the over-commercialized holidays searching for his namesake.

Happy is a sad clown, and even more so in the winter. Apparently the holiday cheer does nothing for him, and perhaps that goes for you too. But instead of using clichés, satire, or even taking the anti-holiday approach, this show simply takes a critical, yet playful look at this overly complicated and emotional season. 

Featuring actor Eric F. Avery of the Savage Umbrella Theater, Happy the SAD Clown is in its premiere winter season, and attempts to use the perspective of a clown to take a deeper look at what some people go through every year around this time. From yoga to religion, Happy tries to find happiness in a variety of places. And yes, clowns can also be rather scary to some (or to most), but perhaps this production will change that attitude, because clearly, clowns have feelings too.

Tonight's performance will go on at 9:30 p.m., and audience members are encouraged to wear their pajamas to this pay-what-you-can show (tickets are normally $12). Other holiday discount nights include saving $2 by wearing an ugly sweater on December 26, bringing in a group of three or more on December 27, and bringing in a written copy of your New Year's resolution on December 28.