Happier Crazier New Year in Lowertown

Happier Crazier New Year in Lowertown
Photo by Soren Olsen, Gifthorse Productions
For the third year in a row, Tyler Olsen and his gang of happy Minnesotans will come together for a New Year's Eve show full of zany adventures. This year's party will take place at Golden's Deli, right by the Farmers' Market in Lowertown. Opening this Sunday and running for three nights, the variety show offers some off-beat entertainment.  

Happier Crazier New Year in Lowertown
Photo by Soren Olsen, Gifthorse Productions

A project of Olsen's company Dangerous Productions, Happy Minnesota is a series of plays and cabaret-style shows that feature Olsen's bizarre and farcical happy gang of performers. From ice-cream socials to cabarets in cafes, Happy Minnesota has been providing entertainment along the Central Corridor, outdoors, and inside various businesses and empty storefronts, as a way to bring audiences to businesses that have suffered during the light-rail construction.  

This year's Happier Crazier New Year show will have "the usual themes of Russian cosmonauts, vodka drinking, roller-skating, magic trolls, and lots of carrots." The last in that list are used for "eating, throwing, and killing evil frogs, amongst other things," Olsen says. "As always, the evening will be a crazy mix of storytelling, cabaret, audience participation, and customized mini theater performances. As always, the dance-party button will be present at all times, ready to bring the house down." 

Happier Crazier New Year in Lowertown
Photo by Soren Olsen, Gifthorse Productions
With support from the Knight Foundation, as well as Springboard for the Arts, the Frogtown Neighborhood Association, and Historic Saint Paul, the show's collaborators have had a chance to refine and polish the performance more than in past years, and "bring in a much bigger crew of artists for technical support and collaboration," he says. That team includes Noah Bremer and Joanna Harmon from Live Action Set, Claribel Gross from Penumbra, and Happy regulars Garrett Vollmer, Laura Mahler, Chris Rowe, and Shannon Leach. "The games are more fun, the acts more amazing, the sound system more bumping, and the location in the hipster capitol of the U.S. -- all of these thing promise a new level of Happy mayhem and excitement," Olsen says. 


Happier Crazier New Year!
7:30 p.m. Sunday, December 29 through Tuesday, December 31
Golden's Deli
275 E. Fourth St., St. Paul
$18; $12 for students (18 and under). Receive $3 off with 1lb of real carrots (no babies), a receipt from a business in the Central Corridor you've patronized on the day of the show, or for taking Metro Transit. (If you complete all three discounts, you get a super-special prize.)

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Golden's Cafe and Deli

275 E. 4th St., 1st floor
St. Paul, MN 55101


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