Halloween Costumes That will Make You Go WTF? 2014 Edition

Every year, in a rush to sell easy costumes, Halloween shops release a few doozies to the market. Once again, we've searched the internet for some of the weirdest getups out there. We've got some not-so-sexy looks, some things in bad taste, costumes that mostly make no sense, and really weird mashups. If you're looking for what not to wear this season, here's a list of suggestions.

Sexy Ebola Containment Suit
Too soon? Yes, this getup is dubbed a "Sexy Ebola Containment" costume. Because nothing says "sexy" like a pandemic, right? Link

Cell Phone Getup

Remember when everyone's cell phones looked like this? With the rise of smart phones, those days are fading fast. In the meantime, you can invest in this costume while it's still vaguely relevant for about $150. Link
Steampunk Pickle

Hipsters aren't the only ones into pickling. Fans of steampunk can now enjoy retro-futuristic stylings in pickle form, as this costume is referred to as a "Steampunk Pickle." (And yes, it's actually kinda cute.) Link



Who says you can't mix sexy with scary this Halloween? This rubber-mask thing is called "Zluto," and it takes sexy Halloween costumes to an entirely new level. Link

Daddy$ Money

No real woman would actually see this advertising banner and think 'That's the costume for me this Halloween!' Right? Link
Adult Lederhosen Morphsuit

Beer-loving Oktoberfest and full-body suits worn by overzealous fans combine for one truly bizarre costume. Link
Obama Wiener Costume

From the site: "President Obama tells Anthony Wiener to 'do the right thing.' Those were the headlines on June 13th, 2011, and you can voice your opinion to Representative Wiener too in this hilarious Obama Wiener costume." Wait... what? Good luck explaining that one at an office party. However, this getup is kind of two potential costumes in one, so it's not a bad purchase. Link

Touchdown Tank Dress

The ultimate costume for the lady who loves really obvious and cheesy pick-up lines. Link

Baby Cigarette Costume

Somewhere, two cigarette marketing execs are looking at this costume and high-fiving each other. Link

Grumpy Grandpa
This year's melted, microwaved mask is titled "Grumpy Grandpa." Link
Sexy Lobster

Are lobsters ever sexy? Also, how does one eat and drink at a party with their hands covered in those bedazzled oven mitts? Link

Thanksgiving Halloween Turkey

This dude looks way too pleased with himself. Link