Halloween costumes that will make you go 'WTF?' 2012 edition

Now that it's October, Halloween is fast approaching. Once again, new costumes have hit the market for folks planning on celebrating the holiday. Some are cute, and some are mighty crappy. We've compiled a list featuring some of the strangest, lamest, least sexy costumes out there, from hot honey badgers to babies as ketchup packets.

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Men's hip hop homeboy costume

How hard is it to find a pair of droopy jeans, baseball cap, sunglasses, and a gold necklace? In fact, more than half the dudes in the Twin Cities probably have this costume in their closet as we speak. However, the fact that the T-shirt spells out what the costume is about for folks who haven't turned on the TV in 20+ years is a nice touch.

Sexy fiery femme fetale

Is she supposed to be Lady Gaga? Is she a ninja hooker? Did this person actually get dressed while wearing that blindfold? Is this sexy? Why does she only need one pant leg? So many questions...
Uncle Sam parade pleaser

It's an election year, so this costume is definitely appropriate. The fact that Uncle Sam obviously needs medical attention to deal with his missing neck, swollen head, and strung-out eyes also speaks to timely universal health care issues.
Department of Erections costume

Sexy teddy bear costume

Is this really a costume? Head over to an 18+ electro dance night on any evening and you'll probably see some club kids dressed like this. The fact that the website selling this costume suggests pairing it with plastic stripper heels only furthers our theory.

Red blimp costume

This thing also doubles as a tailgating getup. But don't you think that the novelty of the costume will wear off in about 10 minutes (for the person wearing it, at least)? You can't drink in it, you can't sit down in it, and don't even think about urinating while wearing that thing. And you just know some drunk dude is going to think it's funny to knock you down.
Good in the sack costume

Oh, honey. This is one of the lamest/saddest "hoping to get laid tonight" get ups ever sold.

Baby ketchup packet

It's so lame, it's almost cute. Also, some people will see this and remember how it can be fun to step on condiment packets. Parents who are worriers will be in fear of baby-stomping all night.
Droopers Costume

You guys won't think this costume is so funny when the beer gut and hair loss sets in.

Madonna costume

This is not the best way to make your dog feel special.
Sexy Honey Badger costume

Because there's one thing that the honey-badger meme is known for: Sexiness.
Mad Hatter costume

Johnny Depp has been looking pretty rough these last couple of years...

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