Halloween costume do's & don'ts

Halloween is just a few days away, and if you think you have an original idea for a costume, you might want to think again. There are a handful of get-ups out there that are going to be super-common. We've put together a list of costume don'ts and things to try instead so you can avoid the shame and embarrassment of being the 23rd Snooki to show up at the party.

DON'T: Lady Gaga

Let's face it: Lady Gaga costumes will probably be a Halloween stand-by from here on out. But why would you want to look just like a bunch of other people at the party who landed the same perfect meat-looking fabric at the craft store as you?

Halloween costume do's & don'ts

INSTEAD, TRY: Cyndi Lauper

Avoid the embarrassment of being the 10th Lady Gaga at the celebration and dress up as one of the original outrageous icons: Cyndi Lauper in her '80s heyday. All you need is an arms length of bangles, bright blue eye shadow, hot pink hair, a flouncy skirt (or three), a jean jacket vest, and a few dozen necklaces.

DON'T: Snooki

If Audrina Patridge announces she is probably going to dress up as Snooki this year, you can bet all the change in your pocket there are going to be a million girls with the same lazy idea. Even MTV put out a Halloween Snooki costume checklist to help all those ladies (and fellas?) out.

INSTEAD, TRY: Geriatric Snooki

Rather than following the lemmings, turn it up a notch and put together a Geriatric Snooki costume. Stick with the hair poof but spray your locks grey. Then add lots of wrinkles and age spots with makeup to simulate the wreckage from decades of tanning. Next, fashion yourself a lumpier, Depends-type butt under one of her standard tube dresses. Don't forget the accessories--along with hoop earrings and headband, get a leopard print cane, some glittery reading glasses, and call it a night.  

DON'T: Brett Favre

The Vikings are sucking this year, on and off the field, and it is mainly because of one person. So, it is not a surprise that Favre will be a popular choice for many, even outside of Minnesota. But don't fall into the trap of simply making your costume out of a #4 jersey and a cell phone.

INSTEAD, TRY: Brett Favre on Avenue Q

Favre would be a great character in the musical Avenue Q, where the puppet people and monsters get to sing about the things Favre likes to text to former NFL employees. So go there, wearing all black, with a puppet wearing a baby #4 jersey on your arm. Then you can sing super dirty things all day, and just blame Favre. Don't forget the black microphone headset.


DON'T: Avatar

Yes it was a big, expensive movie with heavy-handed environmental messages and blue beings, but that doesn't mean we all need to run out on October 31 in head-to-toe blue leopard spandex. Eegads. That much lycra is never a good idea on anyone. (And in the costume to the right, why is she in black high heels, anyway?)  

INSTEAD, TRY: Classic Star Trek

Rather than going for the blue body suit look, aim for the more demure, smarty-pants sci-fi route and pick a classic Star Trek character to imitate. The high-collared, polyester outfits and sleek hair is a much more flattering look than those blue leotards and braids. Plus, with the recent reboot Star Trek is hot again.


DON'T: Jet Blue Flight Attendant

Poor Steven Slater. His bad day at work turned into a quirky 15 minutes of pop culture fame. Naturally this modern hero has become a popular and easy costume idea, simply using a flight attendant uniform to fit the bill. But let's be honest, no one is going to know who he is a year from now.


INSTEAD, TRY: Being a Sushi Roll

If your goal is to get noticed, steer clear of parroting Slater's crazy, and dress up as a piece of sushi. If there's anything that will get you remembered, it's dressing up as a giant spicy tuna roll


DON'T: Anyone Palin related (still. ugh.)

Seriously. Isn't there enough poofy hair and ignorance out there with Snooki and the rest of the reality television show casts from Jersey? Unfortunately, it appears as though Sarah and anyone else in the Palin family are still popular costume ideas this year.

INSTEAD, TRY: Anything/anyone as the Devil

What's an easy alternative to your go-to Palin costume? Just get to the point and go as a devil already. Keep the red suit on and wire rimmed glasses if you must.

Halloween costume do's & don'ts

DON'T: Glee Cast Member

Skip the pregnant cheerleader costume, unless you want to look like a bunch of other people on Saturday and Sunday. Halloween is supposed to be scary anyway, so putting on a cheerleader uniform and baby bump is not going to do the trick, and you will end up treatless.

INSTEAD, TRY: Rosemary from Rosemary's Baby

For a scary pregnant lady, summon the character Rosemary as played by Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. Get a '60s mod hair do, baby doll dress, baby bump, a knife, and practice your deranged facial expressions. Now that's one frightening mom-to-be.

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